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Big Joe LPT44 Electric Pallet Jack - The Work Horse Of Electric Pallet Jacks

When coupled with an optional additional quick exchange Li-ion battery packs, the Big Joe LPT44 can achieve infinite duty cycles.

All You Need to Know About Cantilever Racking Systems

What are the distinct advantages of cantilever storage systems? What are the different types of cantilever storage systems? This post answers these questions and everything else you may want to know about these storage racks.

Factors You Need to Know regarding Industrial Ladders

Industrial ladders have many useful applications across a wide variety of industries. There are many types of industrial ladders categorized by their intended usage and other factors. 

The Powerful and Practical Presto Lift Stik

A Presto Lift Stik provides is a safe and easy solution to lifting and transporting heavy items in offices, factories, warehouses, and laboratory /hospital environments.

Spanco Aluminum Gantry Cranes - Movable While Loaded

Looking for a lightweight aluminum gantry crane that can be moved while under load? A Spanco aluminum gantry crane can do just that. The low weight of these cranes make them quick to assemble, height adjust, and move to where they are needed.

Transport & Dispense A Variety Of Drum Sizes With The Morse 290F Forklift Drum Handler

Transporting and dispensing drums using a forklift is simple with the Morse 290F forklift drum handler. Simply slide your forklift forks into the fork pockets to mount the handler and then secure to the forklift mast with the included safety chain. Drums can easily be picked up from the floor, off a pallet, off a truck, or from a rack for maximum versatility

Morse Drum Simplifies Drum Handling Tasks

Handling 55 gallon drums and even smaller drums can be a cumbersome experience when done manually or without the right piece of drum handling equipment.

Move Heavy Carts Easily With An Electric Tugger

Electric Tuggers make transporting loaded carts fast and simple for a single operator.

Transport Pallets, Skids, & Totes Over Rough Terrain

Looking to move pallets, skids, or totes over an indoor rough surface or outdoors over rugged terrain? All terrain pallet jacks are built specifically for this task. Oversized pneumatic and/or foam filled tires make quick work of rough terrain. Wide outrigger straddle widths allow these jacks to easily straddle standard pallets and adjustable fork width provide the ability to handle a wide variety of pallets, skids and totes.

Reach New Heights With A Ballymore Scissor Lift

Need to complete tasks that require a worker, tools, and supplies to be lifted high into the air? A scissor lift is the ideal way to get overhead work done in an expedited and safe way.

A Counterbalance Floor Crane Makes Overhead Lifting Easy

The need to overhead lift and position heavy objects in and around tight spaces is a sought after need in many of today’s factory and warehouses operations. Without the right piece of equipment that can easily get to and hoist the item to be lifted, staff will be wasting time and manpower on tasks that are easily achieved with a mobile counterbalance floor crane.

Dock Boards and Plates: The Economical Loading Dock Solution

Loading docks present facilities with unique problems. What is the best and most cost effective way to bridge the gap between the dock and the truck for loading and unloading? If you have a low volume dock an affordable solution is an aluminum dock board or aluminum dock plate can deliver for your company.

Lift & Transport 30 & 55 Gallon Drums Easily with a Drum Truck

Operating a busy warehouse or manufacturing facility presents many material handling challenges. How do you keep the pace of work steady without overtaxing employees? Adding members to your workforce increases labor costs. Another solution may be to invest in better equipment. If your team is lifting and transporting 30 and 55 gallon drums, a quality drum truck is an affordable solution to consider.

How a High Lift Pallet Truck Delivers

The challenges of handling palletized goods efficiently and keeping operations running optimally face many organizations. Reducing worker fatigue while increasing safety is one way to aid in accomplishing this goal. A quality high lift pallet truck can help on each of these counts.

Increase Productivity with a Pallet Carousel

Warehouse operators and manufacturers need the right tools to keep productivity high and that means matching pallet handling equipment to the jobs your team handles on a daily basis. A pallet carousel is one such tool you can use to keep workflow smooth.

Move Heavy Equipment Easily With Machine Skates

Moving heavy equipment around in your workplace can require a great deal of time and effort from your staff. Do you have an affordable, efficient solution for this everyday challenge? With the right machine skate you can meet the challenges in your workplace and move thousands of pounds of machinery easily. Below are some options.

Lift and Move Materials With Ease Using a Hand Winch Lift Truck

A hand winch lift truck is the solution many companies use to easily raise and transport materials. Below are some of the best options.

The Benefits of a Forklift Drum Handler

Lift and transport 30 and 55 gallon drums easily with your forklift.

Reach Higher With a Rolling Warehouse Ladder

A rolling warehouse ladder will allow you to safely reach to high shelves.

Lift Low Profile Pallets with A Low Profile Pallet Jack

If your organization uses low profile pallets you will likely need a low profile pallet jack to move them.

Get Employees Out of the Elements with a Smoking Shelter

There is no shortage of places where smoking is not allowed, especially when it comes to the workplace. Safety regulations, laws, or company policy often determine where employees can and cannot smoke during a break, and the result is often a group of employees huddled in a faraway corner. It’s not so bad during mild months, but finding a good place to smoke can quickly turn into an ordeal when the weather is not cooperating.

Protect and Beautify with Decorative Bollards

Protective bollards are a proven way to keep facilities and people safe. Bollards prevent accidental collisions and prevent damage to buildings, machinery, shelving units, interior and exterior corners, and much more. They are a simple solution to a common problem. A problem arises when bollards are needed in non-industrial settings. The standard bright yellow industrial bollards just aren’t all that pleasant to look at. This is where decorative bollards come into play.

Meet OSHA Regulations With Trailer Jack Stands

If working with semi-trailers is a part of your business’s daily operations, you know that OSHA regulations are more than just guidelines. They’re important rules that protect employees from harm. Meeting these regulations is about more than avoiding fines or insuring compliance with the law; following OSHA guidelines ensures employees can operate at maximum efficiency without risk of injury.


Use a Stainless Steel Pallet Truck in Clean Environments

The popular conception is that the process of moving pallets and other heavy items is something that happens on a dirty loading dock or in an exposed warehouse. The truth of the matter is that sometimes heavy items need to be transported through clean spaces where ensuring those environments stay clean is mission critical. A stainless steel pallet truck can provide the efficiency and utility needed without compromising the environment, making it ideally suited for medical, food, and pharmaceutical production.

Save Money and Time with a Manual Pallet Stacker

The good news is that if you don’t have a large quantity of pallets to unload daily, then you don’t need an expensive forklift to efficiently unload and transport your pallets to where they are needed. In this case, a manual pallet stacker can provide the capacity and mobility needed at a price you can afford.

Aluminum Wheel Risers Aid in OSHA Compliance

OSHA requirements are established to ensure your employees and anyone else who may visit your facility stay as safe as possible. Guidelines set in place by the agency are designed to prevent accidents and to limit the consequences if accidents do occur. Complying with OSHA regulations can sometimes feel like a burden, but the end result is a safer work environment.


Electric Chain Hoists Make Overhead Lifting Easy

Overhead lifting can be made easier and safer through the use of an overhead lifting hoist, which provides an efficient way to assist workers who regularly need to lift items.

Control Loading Dock Temperature With A High Quality Dock Seal

You can make employees more comfortable and decrease your energy costs by investing in a loading dock seal.

Make Material Transport Easy with an Electric Platform Truck

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks on any work floor is moving items and materials from one area to another. This is especially true if you do a lot of stock picking/stocking, or regularly send employees to retrieve and move heavy totes or boxes. Moving heavy objects by hand is inefficient, exhausting, and can be unsafe -- that’s why the platform truck was invented.

Move Bulk Materials with Ease Using a Portable Hopper

Handling and transporting bulk material can be challenging. If your business regularly faces the tough task of handling small items, waste, chips, and other bulk materials, you’ve probably seen firsthand how difficult it can be. Often it’s the smaller items that are harder to handle. HOF Equipment Company has a deep inventory of steel portable hoppers designed to make handling bulk materials simple.

Transport and Rotate Drums Easily with a Portable Drum Positioner / Lifter / Rotator

If rotating and transporting drums is part of your work process, we recommend a portable drum lifter to improve efficiency and promote a safe work environment.

Transport and Lift Material to an Ergonomic Work Height with a High Lift Skid Lifter / Tote Lifter

Proper ergonomic work position on the facility floor is a more critical issue than many businesses realize. When workers spend the day bending over loads or crouching to get tasks done, the rate of fatigue and possibility of injury is increased. Providing employees with tools that allow for ergonomic workflows not only makes their work more efficient, but safer and more enjoyable.

Transport and Weigh Goods Simultaneously with a Pallet Jack Scale

Investing in a pallet jack scale gives the user the ability to transport and weigh loads at the same time, thus removing a step from the process and increasing efficiency.

Make Drum Dumping Simple with a Portable Drum Dumper

It’s no secret that full 55 and 30-gallon drums are heavy. And if transporting and emptying drums is a part of your facility’s workflows, ensuring that employees have the ability to safely and efficiently do so is a powerful step in improving overall productivity.

Big Joe M22 Vs. Big Joe S22 - Electric Pallet Stacker Comparison

Electric Pallet stackers are a quick and easy way for workers to safely move materials around a warehouse or factory. Choosing the right pallet stacker can be a challenge, though, as there are many different models on the market. With many features and options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure out exactly which stacker is the ideal fit.

Plastic Pallets VS Wood Pallets

The pallets on which you move goods can have a major impact on your bottom line. While it may seem as though pallets aren’t all that important, the truth is that pallets represent a major cost to businesses. In some cases, making the switch from traditional wooden pallets to plastic pallets can yield savings and return on investment.

Take Out the Trash Easily with a Trash Can Dumper

A universal truth is that all businesses big and small have to deal with trash.  Be it a warehouse or manufacturing facility, chances are good that managing trash is one of the more necessary but frustrating aspects of your job. Moving trash from one location to another takes time and energy that could be spent on more productive tasks. There is also a safety factor in that lifting and dumping full, heavy trashcans can pose significant injury risk to workers.

Dispose of Empty 55 Gallon Drums Easily With The Vestil HDC-905-IDC Drum Crusher

55 gallon drums are an excellent way to store and move substances from one location to another, but what do you do with all the empty drums while waiting for them to be disposed of? The trouble with steel drums is that unlike cardboard boxes that break down easily or totes that stack, an empty drum takes up just as much space as a full one. That’s why at HOF Equipment, we highly recommend the use of the Vestil drum crusher to maximize usable floor space.

Overhead Lifting Made Easy With A Portable Aluminum Gantry Crane

If you have an application that requires lifting heavy objects from an overhead position, a portable aluminum gantry crane may be just the tool you need. Adjustable-height aluminum gantry cranes are easy to move, easy to operate, and give workers a more efficient way to deal with hoisting large, heavy items in their workflows.

Wrapping Pallets with a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

When it comes to keeping your products moving to their final destination, finding effective and efficient ways of dealing with palletizing goods is critical. The loading, moving, shipping, and unloading of pallets is one of the most important processes in manufacturing and warehousing facilities.  Efficiency gains that a facility manager can make in this area are a plus.

Increase Workplace Ergonomics with a Container Tilter / Pallet Tilter

One of the most important investments a business can make is in equipment that makes it easier for workersto safely and comfortably complete tasks. Smooth, ergonomic workflows limit workplace injuries and allow employees to experience less discomfort when handling tough jobs (like unloading pallets or containers); the smoother and more comfortable the workflows, the more efficiently things will get done on the facility floor.  Employees will be happier, as well.

Add Versatility To Your Forklift With A Forklift Boom

There is no doubt that the forklift is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your facility. Forklifts make it possible to quickly and efficiently move pretty much anything and without a forklift, simple tasks that currently take just a few minutes would take hours. However, it’s possible to make your forklift even more useful and versatile with the right forklift attachments.

Getting Ergonomic with Lift Carts

No matter how much a business has invested in cutting-edge equipment, safety gear, and workplace training, the most valuable asset will always be employees. Keeping workers healthy and happy ensures more efficient production, lower worker turnover, a safer work environment, and lower insurance premiums. The aim should be to provide employees with the right tools for the job to ensure they can accomplish tasks without personal risk or daily frustration.

Increase Efficiency With Portable Platform Lifts

We always say the best equipment is the equipment that allows you to get the job done more efficiently while increasing safety. Gains in speed may be offset if they do not come with an equal gain in safety; work floor accidents can cost a business dearly due to stopped production and loss of workers while they recuperate.

Big Joe Electric Pallet Jacks E30 vs WPT45

When it comes to choosing the right electric pallet jack for your business, we understand that narrowing down options and making a final decision can be a time consuming task. You’re preparing to make an investment in a product that will make your material transport safer and more efficient and you want to be certain that the investment is going into the right truck for your needs.

Hoppers Facilitate The Storage & Transport Of Bulk Material

Hoppers are designed to collect, store, and transport bulk material including parts, waste, or chips. They can simplify workflow and in many cases make material handling easier and safer for workers. Hoppers are generally made of steel or hard plastic and can be moved either via forklift using built-in fork-pockets or manually by rolling on heavy-duty casters. If your application requires the storage or transport of bulk items, a hopper may be just what is needed.

Cylinder Handling Made Easy

If you regularly use torches, welders, and regulators, chances are good that you have to move cylinders around your workspace. Whether you’re dealing with medical gases, industrial gases, or specialty gases, hauling bulky cylinders is not an easy task, and moving cylinders manually can pose safety risks.

Edge-O-Dock Levelers vs Traditional Dock Levelers

The first priority in any warehouse or factory should always be safety. Loading and unloading shipments is one of the more dangerous elements of doing business for many companies, so taking the necessary steps to create a safe dock environment will go a long way toward keeping both employees and valuable cargo out of harm’s way.

Safety Bollards for a Safer Environment

We’ve said it time and time again: Safety should be the first priority in any work or pedestrian environment. The right safety protocols and equipment do more than protect employees from injury – they can also go a long way toward keeping your equipment safe and ensuring your business doesn’t suffer from a slow-down due to an easily preventable accident. At HOF Equipment, we stock a large variety of safety equipment designed to protect personnel and valuable business assets.

Easily Handle Roll Material With A Forklift Carpet Pole

Forklift carpet poles are designed to assist in the transport of rolls of carpet, pipes and other coil and roll materials from one location to the next. Unlike flat forks, which are intended for use with flat loads like pallets and boxes, carpet poles are long, round poles designed to fit through the center of a cylindrical or coiled shape. Carpet poles generally range in size from 108” long up to 144” long. Quality poles are made of fatigue resistant steel allowing for the safe and efficient movement of roll material via forklift.

All About Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables provide ergonomic, adjustable height workspace that aids in preventing worker injury and strain. Because a scissor lift table lifts materials to the correct height to match the task at hand, it provides an immense amount of utility to many warehouse and shop-based workflows.

Empty Boxes and Totes Easily With A Box Dumper

Manually lifting and dumping heavy boxes is an inefficient and labor-intensive. This is especially true for applications where box loads regularly exceed a reasonable weight for human-powered dumping. Hydraulic box dumpers reduce the amount of man power required for this necessary but time-consuming task, making it safer, easier, and more efficient.

Understanding the Differences between Gantry Cranes and Jib Cranes

If you want the job done properly, you need to make sure you have access to the right equipment. When it comes to cranes, each type is designed with a specific purpose in mind; using the wrong crane for a specific job is not only inefficient, but could also create a dangerous situation for workers. If you're considering the use of a gantry crane or jib crane, it's important to understand the differences between the two machines and the recommended usage of each.

Pallet Truck vs Pallet Stacker, which do I need?

Ahh, the age old question: Do I need a Pallet Truck or a Pallet Stacker? Deciding which you need is simply an exercise in determining your requirements. The capabilities of both types of units are outlined below.