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Reach Higher With a Rolling Warehouse Ladder

Rolling Warehouse Ladder

As the demand for products increases, often adjustments have to be made so employees are able to access high or hard to reach places, especially in warehouse applications. A rolling warehouse ladder will give your team the ability to safely get to higher shelves and areas faster and without restrictions. Here are some of the benefits of well-equipped warehouse ladders on wheels.


Professional Grade

Rolling ladders are designed for use in a warehouses, factories, and other facilities where ladder mobility is needed. We carry warehouse ladders that feature sturdy steel construction and grips and treads on the steps for sure footing when employees are moving up or down the ladder (perforated steps are also available). The side frame is made of heavy duty steel tubing for the highest possible strength.


Industrial grade welded steel construction provides long-term durability and each rolling warehouse ladder complies with OSHA and ANSI standards. In addition to these features, some models have lockable safety gates at the base so unauthorized individuals cannot get onto the steps.


Customizing Rolling Warehouse Ladders

Perforated steps are available for added grip, and you can add other features to your rolling ladder. Standard ladders have wheels that travel in one direction, but customers can add sideways front wheels for more versatility and ease of use. This feature allows the user to easily push the ladder sideways against shelving.


Another modification available involves the depth of the top step. A 10” top step will come in standard ladders, but you can upgrade to a 20” depth if your team needs to do more work at the top of the ladder. Finally, the 58-degree step angle may be replaced by a 50-degree easy-climb step.


Warehouse ladders on wheels allow employees to reach higher and work faster. When you want your warehouse operation to run smoother, order a rolling warehouse ladder with your preferred specifications. For further information or place an order please contact Hof Equipment Company at 888-990-1150 or visit