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Every industrial environment needs specialized equipment to streamline production and help workers become more efficient. Industrial carts are essential in almost every manufacturing context, and HOF Equipment Company has an extensive range of equipment to enable you to move products where they need to be! Our selection includes a variety of items:

Dollies are the simplest of industrial carts, consisting of a platform on four wheels; however, dollies are ideal for moving so many items! Choose from steel plate dollies or aluminum dollies, tilting or non-tilting, solid-top or pallet-top, standard duty or heavy-duty dollies, and specialist dollies for moving slabs or sheet material.

Hand Trucks enable workers to expend minimal effort to move heavy items around the workplace. Appliance hand trucks are specially designed for moving large items, while 4-wheel hand trucks offer extra stability, and stair-climbing hand trucks can handle steps. Classic hand trucks are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel, with a variety of different handles, wheels and capacities.

Furniture movers are useful not just for moving items of furniture, but also for light machinery or crates. Often sold in pairs, furniture movers enable workers to move even unwieldy objects. Machine skates act as mobile, heavy-duty wheels which allow even large and heavy machinery to be moved with minimal effort. Electric tuggers decrease worker effort even further.

Service carts combine storage with portability, enabling workers to easily move tools or products from one work area to another. Mail carts, cylinder carts, carton carts, pipe carts, stock picking carts and electrician carts are just a few of the specialized service carts available.

Platform trucks are available for a wide range of applications, whether for transporting panels, slabs or sheet materials on an A-frame or panel cart, or for transporting goods on a classic flat-bed cart, manual or electric-powered. Choose from steel or stainless steel platform carts, aluminum platform carts or even hardwood platform trucks.

Lift carts add another dimension to portability, enabling workers to raise materials to the correct height for working, loading or unloading. Manual or electric lift carts are available, while selected models will also tilt the load up to 45 degrees. Rough terrain lift carts enable transportation over uneven surfaces, while stainless steel carts are ideal for clean environments.

Whatever your working environment, Hof Equipment Company has the right industrial cart for you! Order online or call 888.990.1150 today.