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Valley Craft F80233R6 HVAC Hand Truck
Valley Craft F80233R6 HVAC Truck

62" Tall, 600 LB Capacity

Valley Craft F80233U5 HVAC Hand Truck
Valley Craft F80233U5 HVAC Truck

62" Tall, 600 LB Capacity

Vestil APPL-1200-60 appliance hand truck
Vestil APPL-1200-60 Appliance Hand Truck

60" Tall, 1,200 LB Capacity

Vestil APPL-1200-66 appliance hand truck
Vestil APPL-1200-66 Appliance Hand Truck

66" Tall, 1,200 LB Capacity

Vestil APPL-1200-72 appliance hand truck
Vestil APPL-1200-72 Appliance Hand Truck

72" Tall, 1,200 LB Capacity

Valley Craft F89699 Suspension Hand Truck
Valley Craft Casino Hand Trucks

50" or 62" Tall, 1,000 LB Capacity


When you have large, unwieldy objects to move, an appliance hand truck is the right item for you. Whether you need to move heating or cooling equipment, furniture, vending machines or other large equipment, an appliance dolly can handle the task easily. With maximum capacities of up to 1,200 LBS, utility dollies are ideal for heavy items. Extra casters ensure added stability when using the appliance truck over rough terrain or up and down stairs or hills. Ratchet straps and tension bars keep the load secure and safe, meaning that appliance carts can be used safely by almost anyone.

We stock the highest quality furniture hand trucks, which means you will find Valley Craft HVAC hand trucks and Vestil hand trucks on our page. These durable appliance carts are ideal for moving products and/or equipment around the workplace, with a minimum of effort and in maximum safety. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes and capacities to find the right appliance trolley for you.

When you need to move large items, an appliance hand truck is essential. At HOF Equipment Company, we do all we can to help our clients find the best equipment for their specific needs. If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality appliance dolly, you are in the right place! Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150 for expert assistance.