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HOF Equipment Company offers a large selection of Drum Handling Equipment, Barrel Handling Equipment, and Pail Handling Equipment. We carry popular products from several manufacturers such as a broad variety of equipment from Morse Drum, Valley Craft Drum Dumpers, and Vestil Drum Lifters. Whether you're looking for a piece of equipment as large as a Drum Crusher or as useful as a Drum Lifter or Drum Rotator we have it all. Other drum handling products in our line include drum racks, drum positioners, drum stackers, drum pallets, drum carts, drum rotators, drum retention basins, and drum dumpers. And don't forget the all important drum cones, drum faucets and drum pumps for getting liquid and solid content out of your drums quickly and efficiently.

No matter if you are looking for one of the many pieces of drum handling equipment from Morse Drum, a Valley Craft Drum Lifter, or a Vestil Drum Dumper, HOF Equipment Company has it all. View our extensive website or call us now for live product support at 888.990.1150!