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Morse 85-5 Pail Dumper
Morse 85-5 Pail Dumper

200 LB Capacity
For 5-gallon Metal or Plastic Pails

Morse 83 Pail Dumper
Morse 83 Pail Handler

150 LB Capacity
For 5 Gallon Plastic, & Metal Pails

Morse 92-5 Vertical Pail Lifter
Morse 92-5 Vertical Pail Lifter

1,000 LB Capacity
For Steel Drums
With a Top Lip and Lid

Morse 34-5 Pail Dolly
Morse 34-5 Pail Dolly

For 5-gallon Pails

Morse 34-5SS Stainless Steel Pail Dolly
Morse 34-5SS Stainless Steel Pail Dolly

For 5-gallon Pails
Steel Casters

Morse 1-350-1 5 Gallon Pail Mixer
Morse 1-305-1 5 Gallon Pail Mixer

1 to 5 Gallon Single Pail Mixer 

Morse 2-350-1 5 Gallon Pail Mixer
Morse 2-305-1 5 Gallon Pail Mixer

1 to 5 Gallon Double Pail Mixer 


Even though pails may seem small, when they are full they can be difficult to handle, which is why you need the right pail handling equipment. Having the right equipment will eliminate accidents and injuries, making the workplace much safer and more worker friendly. Tasks will be easier and quicker to accomplish, increasing efficiency.

Types of Pail Handling Equipment

  • Pail dollies – We sell 5 gallon pail dollies which are especially designed to carry pails and buckets. Lightweight and compact, pail dollies are easy to use and take up little space in storage.
  • Bucket dumpers – These mobile pail dumpers can lift pails up to 62” high, rotating them for easy dispensing. Heavy duty casters make them easy to transport around the workplace.
  • Pail hand trucks – Lightweight pail hand trucks are designed to carry pails but can also be used for other items weighing up to 500 LBS. 
  • Pail crushers – Hydraulic crushers make light work of pails, crushing them in just 75 seconds. 
  • Pail lifters – Vertical pail lifters attach to an overhead lifting device, enabling you to transport pails using a fork truck or crane. 
  • Pail mixers – Pail mixers are specialist pieces of equipment which safely mix and rotate the contents of sealed cans or pails, saving time and preventing spills. 5 gallon pail mixers can be used with steel or plastic pails. 
  • Pail lid presses - These compressors secure lids onto plastic pails in one quick motion, saving time and effort.

If you work with materials in pails, you need specialized pail handling equipment in order to ensure worker safety and increase productivity. Browse our wide selection of pail handling equipment online, or call us at 888.990.1150 for more information.