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HoF Equipment Company carries a wide range of industrial scales to assist you in your workplace tasks. No matter what you need to weigh, you will find the right industrial scales for you. From heavy duty floor scales, through pallet scales to bench scales, postal scales and parts scales, we have you covered! We stock crane scales and hanging scales which are easy to use with overhead lifting devices, and which have maximum capacities of up to 15,000 LBS, making them ideal even for heavy loads. Our specialist measuring equipment includes tension dynamometers, dimensioning systems and calibration weights. All of the weighing equipment we stock is designed to give maximum accuracy in measurements.

Advantages of using professional industrial scales and measuring equipment:

  • Industrial floor scales can handle extremely large loads with ease;
  • Crane scales are easy to use wherever cranes are used;
  • Compact bench scales are highly accurate even for small items;
  • NTEP scales are legal for trade;
  • High quality manufacturing gives long service life;
  • User-friendly interface makes industrial scales easy for workers to operate;
  • Stainless steel scales can be used in hygienic environments.

Visit our website at to find our latest selection of industrial scales for your workplace, or call us at 888.990.1150, where our customer advisors will be glad to help you choose the right equipment for your specific needs.