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Rice Lake Summit 3000 Floor Scale with Indicator
Rice Lake Summit 3000 Floor Scales

5,000 LB or 10,000 LB Capacities

Vestil SCALE-S-CFT-44-5K Floor Scale
Vestil SCALE-S-CFT Floor Scales - NTEP Certified

5,000 LB or 10,000 LB Capacity

Vestil SCALE-LP-44-5K Pallet Scale
Vestil SCALE-LP-44 Pallet Scales

5,000 LB to 20,000 LB Capacities

Call/Email For Pricing
Vestil VPU-6 U-Frame Platform Scale
Vestil VPU U-Frame Platform Scales

6,000 LB Capacity

Vestil VLPFS-4B Floor Scale
Vestil VLPFS Low Profile Floor Scales

2,000 LB, 4,000 LB or 20,000 LB Capacity

Vestil VPSF-3B Portable Floor Scale
Vestil VPFS Portable Floor Scales

3,000 LB Capacity


It is often essential to know precisely how much loads or products weigh – and HOF Equipment Company has professional solutions for you. Our selection of industrial scales provides precision and convenience for your workplace. All our industrial floor scales are digital, ensuring maximum accuracy and flexibility.

  • Pallet scales are designed for weighing pallets and palletized products. Digital pallet scales can show pounds or kilograms, and speed up the weighing process. Industrial pallet scales are essential when working with palletized goods.
  • Platform scales also weigh pallets easily. Industrial platform scales are portable and can easily be moved to where they need to be. You can be sure of weighing correctly when using digital platform scales.
  • Low profile floor scales can be used as free-standing units or can be pit-mounted for greater ease of weighing. These digital floor scales are available in a wide range of platform sizes.
  • Floor scales with ramp simplify access to the scale, eliminating lifting over steps. Choose two ramps for easy approach and walk-through.
  • Portable floor scales are easy to move around the work area, allowing different work departments to use the same industrial scale.
  • NTEP floor scales are certified for use with trade. Choose a NTEP certified floor scale and you can use your scale for weighing final consumer products.

Industrial floor scales are essential in almost every industry. Browse our selection online today or call 888-990-1150, where our customer advisers will be glad to help you find the right digital floor scales for your specific needs.