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Forklifts are extremely flexible and versatile machines that are capable of performing a variety of material handling tasks at the jobsite. They are basically used to move various loads around facilities. However, when it comes to more complicated material handling tasks such as overhead lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, holding, dispensing, rotating and clamping, you may find your existing forklift lacking capability. Replacing your simple forklift with a specialized one would not be a cost effective solution. Instead, you can invest on the right type of forklift lifting attachment that contributes to getting the job done faster, safer, and easier. There are broad range of different forklift attachments available that are fully certified and built to last for specialized material handling applications. At HOF Equipment Company, you will find a large selection of forklift attachments that will help transform your existing forklift truck into a multi-tasking tool box!

Types of Forklift Attachments We Offer at HOF Equipment Company

An attachment for forklift reduces the need for owning a multitude of machines to complete tasks. The following are the types of forklift lifting attachments we offer at HOF Equipment Company.

  • Forklift Booms: These simple and cost-effective forklift lifting attachment can be chosen when your applications demand lifting and transporting cumbersome loads safely and efficiently. Our range of telescoping and non-telescoping forklift booms come in a variety of sizes and lifting capacities for maximizing your forklift's utility.
  • Forklift Carpet Poles & Coil Rams: Forklifts attached with carpet poles & coil rams are used to move heavy rolls of carpets and other coiled materials from warehouses and other facilities. Amongst the varied models available such as fork mounted, class II carriage mounted, and class III carriage mounted, choose the one with the right pole diameter and length.
  • Portable Cylinder Caddies: Great to use with forklifts, these attachments are designed for the safe loading and unloading of pressurized cylinders. Manufactured with all-welded heavy duty steel for long lasting durability, there are models available to safely transport anywhere from 4 to 8 cylinders.
  • Forklift Work Platforms: A forklift work platform is a unit or cage that can be adjusted to different heights. Certified strictly in accordance with relevant standards, it helps turn your forklift into an aerial work platform.
  • Forklift Battery Transfer Carts: These durable and safe carts help easily load, unload, and transport forklift batteries across the facility. The feature rich forklift lifting attachment comes equipped with locking safety tabs to secure battery in cart during transit.
  • Forklift Extensions: Are you facing issues due to insufficient load-bearing surface on your existing forklift forks? Make the best use of the fork extensions we offer to handle your larger-sized odd shaped loads with better stability and minimized product damage.
  • Forklift Front Loaders: This quick and convenient attachment is immensely helpful to remove snow, gravel, sand, trash, debris or refuse that obstruct the path of forklift. Considering the rugged conditions they encounter, the front loaders feature all welded steel construction with a powder coat finish.
  • Brush Sweepers: A robust high performance sweeping attachment is available at HOF Equipment Company for use in wet or dry, indoor and outdoor environments. With unbeatable quality, value and durability, brush sweeper attached forklifts find application sin farmyards, recycling centers, builder's merchant yards, warehouses, and parking lots.

In addition to the aforementioned forklift lifting attachment, we at HOF Equipment Company also provide you various forklift jacks, snow plow blades, material spreader, forklift hook, towing attachment, portable loading platform, below dock loader, and forklift pallet dumper to augment the performance of your forklift multifold.

Application Areas

Fork Truck attachments can add immense value wherever forklifts are put to use. A few examples are:

  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Ship dockyards or ports
  • Recycling yards

Built to perform consistently over time, all types of forklift lifting attachment offered by HOF Equipment Company are built to withstand the daily abuse of industrial environments. Our friendly and efficient team is here to assist you in locating the right attachment for your application.

Get more out of your forklift today by viewing our large selection of forklift attachments on or call 888.990.1150 now!