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Busy workplaces need safety barriers to protect buildings, machinery and people from accidents and damage. Investment in high-quality protective barriers will save money that would otherwise be spent on repairs. And when workers know they are in safety, their satisfaction will increase, and work efficiency will also increase. Here at HOF Equipment Company, we offer a wide range of guard rails, bollards, rack guards, safety gates, speed bumps and safety railings to keep you and your workers safe.

Types of Protective Barriers available at HOF Equipment Company:

  • Bollards – Industrial bollards secure your restricted areas and help manage traffic control. There are many types of bollards available for your needs. Removable bollards offer great flexibility, while permanent bollards provide complete protection. Parking bollards provide safe spaces for car parking, while fold-down bollards can be used to reserve specific parking spaces. Smokers’ bollards include a place for cigarette disposal, ideal for break times. Galvanized bollards are rust-resistant, and if you need a heavy-duty bollard, try our jumbo bollards. Decorative bollards are available for spaces which need to make a good impression and not only fulfil a protective role but also look good. Bollard covers are simple to install and can improve the appearance of basic steel bollards.
  • Rack and Machinery Guards – Protective rack guards will ensure your products and materials stay safe from collisions from industrial trucks and carts. Column protectors provide protection for pillars and columns in your warehouse, while metal corner guards protect vulnerable corners of equipment and machinery. Crane guards are specially designed to protect cranes from bumps and knocks.
  • Gates and Barricades – Guard rails and safety railings help separate high-traffic areas from pedestrian zones. Construction barriers and safety gates provide portable protection, together with barricades and manhole safety rails. Steel railings are tough and can be permanent or portable, while aluminum railings are lightweight and easy to move.
  • Traffic Cones – Traffic cones are instantly recognizable as safety barriers, and are the most flexible solution, as they can be repositioned whenever needed. Stackable and highly visible, this simple protective solution should not be missing from any workplace!
  • Parking Blocks – Parking blocks keep people and property safe in parking areas, ensuring that vehicles keep to designated parking spaces. Truck parking blocks are designed for heavy vehicles and are durable and hardwearing.
  • Speed Bumps – Speed humps ensure that vehicles reduce speed in areas where there is potential danger. Install speed bumps in places where there is intense pedestrian activity.
  • Hose & Cable Ramps – Hose ramps protect cables from industrial trucks, and also reduce the risk of workers tripping over cables and hoses in the workplace.

Benefits of using protective barriers such as barricades, guard rails, safety rails and steel railing in your workplace:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Protect buildings
  • Protect costly machinery
  • Protect workers from injury
  • Increase worker satisfaction and efficiency
  • Make the workplace a safe environment

Making your workplace a safe and comfortable environment is essential for worker satisfaction, but it will also contribute to work efficiency. Protective safety equipment makes sense financially, since it’s better to protect the assets you have than pay to repair damaged equipment and machinery. Whatever the industry you work in, browse our selection of protective barriers, gates and railings, and you will find the right equipment for your workplace. Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150 for expert advice.