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Vestil FSBOL-24 Floor Stop Bollard
Vestil FSBOL Floor Stop Bollards

Surface mounted, Steel construction

Vestil VB-10 Column Protector
Vestil VB Column Protectors

Square, Rectangle, & Round
Protectors Available


In busy warehouses, where people and trucks are coming and going continually, it is essential to protect equipment, machinery and racks from accidental contact or collisions. At HOF Equipment Company, you will find a large selection of rack guards and machinery guards which will keep equipment and workers in safety.

  • Rack guards are floor-mounted protective barriers which prevent fork trucks from getting too close to the base of racks. Pallet rack guards protect corners of racks from damage from trucks or products. Steel rack guards are hardwearing and durable, and can resist contact even from heavy fork trucks.
  • Machinery guards are protective barriers to prevent damage to floor-mounted machinery in the workplace. An investment in steel machinery guards could save money on repairs were collisions to occur.
  • Column protectors are 4-sided or round, and protect all sides of columns or posts on the warehouse floor. Column guards are needed in most large warehouses where support columns are part of the structure.
  • Metal corner guards or corner protectors are important all over the warehouse. Choose a metal corner protector which will ensure your workplace is protected from accidental knocks and bumps.
  • Crane guards are three-sided protective barriers made to protect stationary gantry and jib cranes.
  • Guard Rails are widely used to protect larger areas, or to separate transport zones from pedestrian areas. Choose from standard steel guard rails or galvanized guard rails – these are available in a curved design and with varying heights, to meet your specific needs.
  • Traffic cones are the most flexible solution for marking areas in your workplace. Choose high-visibility traffic cones for marking out temporary transit routes or areas to be avoided.

When you have the right protective barriers in your workplace, you can continue working in peace, knowing that your valuable equipment is in safety, and that your workers are fully protected. Browse our selection of industrial guard rails, rack guards and machinery protectors online, and you will be sure to find a product which will meet your needs. Call us on 888-990-1150 if you need advice in choosing the right equipment for your workplace.