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Vestil BOL-SS-36-4.5 Stainless Steel Bollard
Vestil BOL-SS Stainless Steel Bollards

36" & 42" Heights, Surface Mounted,
304 Stainless Steel Construction

$238.00 - $268.00
Vestil CBOL-42-4 Chrome Bollard
Vestil CBOL-42-4 Chrome Bollard

42-1/8" Height, Surface Mounted,
Chrome Plated Steel Construction

$117.00 - $126.00
Vestil BOL-ALUM Decorative Aluminum Bollard
Vestil BOL-ALUM Aluminum Bollard

43½" Height, Surface Mounted,
Aluminum Construction

Vestil BOL-OR-40-BK Removable Ornamental Bollard
Vestil BOL-OR-40-BK Removable Ornamental Bollard

40 or 46¾" Height,
Surface or Underground Mounted,
Cast Steel Construction

$386.00 - $415.00
Vestil BOL-CI-28-3 Cast Iron Bollard
Vestil BOL-CI-28-3 Decorative Bollard

28" Height, Pour In Place, Cast Iron Construction

Vestil BOL-CI-28-5 Cast Iron Bollard
Vestil BOL-CI-28-5 Decorative Bollard

28" Height, Pour In Place, Cast Iron Construction

Vestil BOL-CI-28-7 Cast Iron Bollard
Vestil BOL-CI-28-7 Decorative Bollard

28" Height, Pour In Place, Cast Iron Construction

Vestil BOL-CI-38-8 Cast Iron Bollard
Vestil BOL-CI-38-8 Decorative Bollard

38½" Height, Surface Mounted,
Cast Iron Construction

Vestil BOL-CI-39-5 Cast Iron Bollard
Vestil BOL-CI-39-5 Decorative Bollard

39½" Height, Pour In Place, Cast Iron Construction

Vestil BOL-CI-40-8 Cast Iron Bollard
Vestil BOL-CI-40-8 Decorative Bollard

40" Height, Pour In Place, Cast Iron Construction


Keeping your workplace safe and secure is essential for ensuring worker safety and satisfaction. However, you can also keep your workplace looking great by using decorative bollards to keep passenger zones safe from traffic. Ornamental bollards come in many shapes and sizes, and bring an added touch of class and style to your workplace, while also keeping everyone safe. Decorative bollards can be surface mounted or underground mounted, making them easy to install. Removable bollards fit into a base socket, making it easy to take them out when access is needed.

Types of decorative bollard:

  • Aluminum bollards – lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Cast iron bollards – sturdy with decorative design
  • Chrome bollards – shiny clean finish for elegance and easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel bollards – polished finish and corrosion resistant
  • Cast steel bollards – decorative design and hardwearing

At HoF Equipment Co. you will find a wide range of decorative bollards which will help make your workplace beautiful and safe at the same time. Choose according to the style of ornamental bollard you like best, or according to the material they are made from. With cast steel, stainless steel, chrome plate, aluminum and cast iron bollards to choose from, you will certainly find something to suit you! Removable bollards give flexibility, allowing you to unmount them when needed. Browse our selection of ornamental bollards online or call 888.990.1150 for extra information!