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Vestil WR-24-YB Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramp
Vestil WR Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps

24", 36", & 48" Lengths
2⅞" Wide

Vestil C-150-12 Rubber Cable Protectors
Long Extruded Rubber Cable Protectors

12' or 24' Lengths
4" or 6½" Wide

Vestil MRHR-39 Cable Guard
Interlocking Rubber Cable Guards

40" Long
5½" Wide

Vestil HCR-48 Extruded Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridge
Vestil HCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps

24", 36", & 48" Lengths
7⅛" Wide

VVestil LHCR Aluminum Cable Protector
Vestil LHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps

36", 48", 60", & 72" Lengths
9" Wide

Vestil RHCB-12A Rubber Hose & Cable Ramp
Vestil RHCB Rubber Hose & Cable Ramps

32⅝" Long
12" Wide

Vestil XHCR-60 Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramp
Vestil XHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps

36", 48", 60", & 72" Lengths
21-1/16" Wide

Vestil URTH-24 Urethane Cable Ramp
Vestil URTH Urethane Hose & Cable Ramps

23½", 35½" & 48½ Lengths
23¼" Wide

Vestil FHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridges
Vestil FHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps

36", 40", 44" & 48" Lengths
24" or 48" wide


Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance. Only when workers know that all measures have been taken to ensure their protection will they be able to work at their full potential. One essential part of workplace protection is ensuring that hoses and cables do not present a tripping hazard. At the same time, hoses and cables need to be protected from deterioration caused by footfall or heavy equipment passing over them. This is why our cable protectors and hose protectors will prove to be invaluable in your workplace. We stock a wide range of cable bridges and hose ramps which keep wiring protected in all areas of the workplace.

At Hof Equipment Company, we stock aluminum cable ramps, rubber cable protectors and urethane hose and cable ramps. Choose a narrow cable bridge for smaller passageways, or select a 72” long cable protector to provide coverage over a large area. Selected models can bear loads of up to 10,000 LBS, making them ideal for areas with heavy traffic, including forklift trucks. These protective ramps make transporting goods around the warehouse easy and safe for everyone.

Vestil cable bridges are made of the highest quality components and will provide long-term service in your workplace. Buying the right cable protectors is essential in ensuring safety and efficiency all around. Don’t hesitate – order online today or call 888.990.1150!