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Vestil FHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps

Vestil FHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridges
Vestil Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridge
Aluminum Cable Bridge
Vestil FHCR-48-40-8-4H-YL Aluminum Cable Protector
Vestil FHCR-48-36-4-4H-BK
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$311.00 - $810.00
SKU: FHCR-24-36-4-4H


Vestil FHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Protector Ramps are built to protect cords, cables, and hoses from pallet trucks, forklifts, carts, and foot traffic. Cable ramps are made from durable ⅜" thick aluminum tread-plate for easy portability and maximum traction. All welded. Opening width is available in spans of 4" to 16". Vestil Fabricated Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps come in 24" and 48" wide models and come with a standard capacity of 2,000 LBS.

Vestil FHCR Aluminum Hose & Cable Crossovers with a powder coat finish have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 20 business days. Plain aluminum finish models have an estimated lead time of 8 business days.



  • Capacity: 2000 LBS
  • 24" or 48" wide
  • 36", 40", 44" or 48" lengths
  • Ramps protect cables and cords from different vehicles (ex. forklift)
  • ⅜" aluminum tread plate, all welded - yellow or black powder coat finish available - see chart below


Vestil Aluminum Hose & Cable Ramps:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Overall Size (W x L)ColorUsable Span (W x H)WeightPriceQty
FHCR-24-36-4-4H2000 LBS24" x 36"Aluminum4" x 4"40 LBS $311.00
FHCR-24-36-4-4H-BK2000 LBS24" x 36"Black4" x 4"40 LBS $342.00
FHCR-24-36-4-4H-YL2000 LBS24" x 36"Yellow4" x 4" 40 LBS $342.00
FHCR-24-40-8-4H2000 LBS24" x 40"Aluminum8" x 4"44 LBS $338.00
FHCR-24-40-8-4H-BK2000 LBS24" x 40"Black8" x 4"44 LBS $371.00
FHCR-24-40-8-4H-YL2000 LBS24" x 40"Yellow8" x 4"44 LBS $371.00
FHCR-24-44-12-4H2000 LBS24" x 44"Aluminum12" x 4"56 LBS $360.00
FHCR-24-44-12-4H-BK2000 LBS24" x 44"Black12" x 4"56 LBS $396.00
FHCR-24-44-12-4H-YL2000 LBS24" x 44"Yellow12" x 4"56 LBS $396.00
FHCR-24-48-16-4H2000 LBS24" x 48"Aluminum16" x 4"90 LBS $367.00
FHCR-24-48-16-4H-BK2000 LBS24" x 48"Black16" x 4"90 LBS $405.00
FHCR-24-48-16-4H-YL2000 LBS24" x 48"Yellow16" x 4"90 LBS $405.00
FHCR-48-36-4-4H2000 LBS48" x 36"Aluminum4" x 4"97 LBS $606.00
FHCR-48-36-4-4H-BK2000 LBS48" x 36"Black4" x 4"97 LBS $668.00
FHCR-48-36-4-4H-YL2000 LBS48" x 36"Yellow4" x 4"97 LBS $668.00
FHCR-48-40-8-4H2000 LBS48" x 40"Aluminum8" x 4"115 LBS $653.00
FHCR-48-40-8-4H-BK2000 LBS48" x 40"Black8" x 4"115 LBS $718.00
FHCR-48-40-8-4H-YL2000 LBS48" x 40"Yellow8" x 4"115 LBS $718.00
FHCR-48-44-12-4H2000 LBS48" x 44"Aluminum12" x 4"123 LBS $694.00
FHCR-48-44-12-4H-BK2000 LBS48" x 44"Black12" x 4"123 LBS $761.00
FHCR-48-44-12-4H-YL2000 LBS48" x 44"Yellow12" x 4"123 LBS $761.00
FHCR-48-48-16-4H2000 LBS48" x 48"Aluminum16" x 4"133 LBS $737.00
FHCR-48-48-16-4H-BK2000 LBS48" x 48"Black16" x 4"133 LBS $810.00
FHCR-48-48-16-4H-YL2000 LBS48" x 48"Yellow16" x 4"133 LBS $810.00

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