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BenchPro Digital Scale
Rice Lake BenchPro Shipping Scales

150 LB or 300 LB Capacity

$1,153.00 - $1,423.00
Rice Lake Counting Indicator shown with Digi base and optional peripherals
Rice Lake Counterpart Counting Indicator

Indicator with Base:
1 LB, 10 LB, 25 LB or 50 LB Capacity

$842.00 - $1,194.00
Rice Lake 2100SL Digital Bench Scales with 12 column
Rice Lake IQ+ 2100SL Digital Bench Scales

30, 50 or 100 LB Capacities

Rice Lake Ishida IGX & IGB Bench Scales
Rice Lake Ishida IGX & IGB Bench Scales

150 or 300 LB Capacity

$716.00 - $820.00
Rice Lake 115130 Versa-Portion Compact Scales
Rice Lake Versa-portion Compact Bench Scales

6 LB, 15 LB, 30 LB or 60 LB Capacity

$336.00 - $376.00
Vestil BS-915-1212-100 Bench Scale
Vestil Bench Scales - Legal for Trade

100 LB to 1,000 LB Capacity

$438.00 - $2,980.00
Vestil SSDSC-6 Stainless Steel Parts Scale
Vestil SSDSC Stainless Steel Parts Scales

6.6 LB, 13 LB or 66 LB Capacity

Vestil BS-915SS-1212-100 Stainless Steel Bench Scale
Vestil Stainless Steel Bench Scales - Legal for Trade

100 LB to 1,000 LB Capacity

$772.00 - $2,781.00

Industrial bench scales are worktop scales which are invaluable in many workplaces. With capacities of up to 1,000 LBS, these scales are truly the right choice for an industrial environment. On our website, we have a wide selection of bench scales of various sizes, ideal for constant use at work. We stock bench scales from leading manufacturers, so you will find Vestil and Rice Lake bench scales in our selection.

Types of Bench Scales:

  • Portable Bench Scales – these have heavy duty casters to allow them to be used around the workplace
  • Stainless steel bench scales – ideal for use in hygienic environments
  • Parts scales – for weighing smaller, lighter items
  • Shipping scales – designed for weighing goods which are being sent out to customers
  • Legal for trade scales – ideal for sales departments.

With our wide range of digital scales, you will be sure to find the right bench scales for your workplace. Our industrial bench scales are available in a wide range of platform sizes and capacities. Browse our website to see our current selection, or call us at 888.990.1150 if you need a custom model or more information on what we stock.