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If you work with material in drums, you need a way to transport drums quickly and efficiently. At HOF Equipment Company, we have a wide range of drum carts, drum trucks, drum stackers and drum palletizers to enable you to transport drums around your workplace. These versatile drum caddies are designed to allow the user to lift, transport and even rotate or pour drums, without the need for extra machinery such as forklift trucks. HOF Equipment Company sells drum carts from top manufacturers: you will find Vestil, Valley Craft and Morse drum trucks on our site at competitive prices. Some of the drum handling equipment you can find on our page include:

  • 6-wheel or 4-wheel drum trucks allow the drum to be inclined at different angles to assist in transport, storage and pouring.
  • Pallet-straddling drum trucks or drum jacks are designed for lifting drums off pallets or skids, with wide straddle legs and spring-loaded jaws which securely grip the drum.
  • Electric drum trucks have powered lift, taking all effort out of lifting and transporting drums.
  • Rotating drum carts, or manual drum rotators, combine the functions of a standard drum cart with a drum rotator, allowing transport and tilting of the drum, in order to pour the contents easily. Drum pourers eliminate worker effort and contribute towards a safer working environment.
  • Counterbalance drum lifters have increased stability, with powered lift and powered or manual drive. These powerful drum lifters have a maximum lift height of 62” and a maximum capacity of 1,000 LBS.
  • Drum spotters or drum palletizers easily lift drums off pallets or place them on pallets for storage.
  • Stainless steel drum trucks are ideal for hygienic environments such as the pharmaceutical or food industries. These portable drum lifters can be easily cleaned and are corrosion-resistant.
  • Drum stackers lift, tilt and position drums in place on drum racks, making it easy to remove and replace drums from storage.
  • Drum dumpers are specially designed for pouring drums. Choose from a wide selection with varying lift heights and power options.

When working with drums, worker safety is of the utmost importance. This is why all the drum trucks, drum lifters and drum palletizers you will find at HOF Equipment Company are designed with worker ergonomics in mind. These drum carts enable workers to move drums in safety with a minimum of physical effort. If you are looking for a drum palletizer, a drum truck or a drum dumper for your workplace, look no further! Browse our selection online or call us at 888-990-1150 today.