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If you work with drums, you need an efficient drum storage system in your workplace. At HoF Equipment Company, we stock a wide range of drum racks to enable you to store your drums in efficiency and order. Our stackable drum racks allow up to three levels of drums stored horizontally and are built of steel for durability, with a tough powder coat finish to protect against knocks and scratches. Galvanized and stainless steel drum racks are also available, for use outside or in environments with corrosive chemicals. Having multiple drum racks allows drums to be stored according to their contents or destinations. 

Selected drum storage racks allow the storage of drums at an angle, allowing them to be poured even while in storage. Our pallet rack drum cradles transform a regular pallet rack into a drum rack, while accessories such as drum sumps keep the entire workplace free from spills and drips. Our drum tie-downs allow you to safely transport drums in the back of a pick-up truck, without the danger of spilling. Drum storage containers completely contain drums inside them, keeping hazardous materials locked away from the general work area.

Having the right drum storage rack will make your workplace more efficient, and will free up valuable floor space for the production process. Drum racks keep drums and their contents away from accidental contact, keeping workers safe at all times. Browse our selection of drum racks online, or call 888.990.1150 today!