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Vestil CYL-2-FP-FF Welding Cylinder Cart
Vestil CYL-2-FP Cylinder & Torch Carts w/ Fire Protection

500 LB Capacity
Includes Fire Protection

Vestil LP-6 Tank Truck / Tank Lifter
Vestil LP-6 Tank Truck

Manual hydraulic lift
100 LB lift capacity
Max. Raised Height: 79⅜

Vestil CYL-LT-1-HR Portable Cylinder Lifter
Vestil CYL-LT Portable Cylinder Lifter

Hand Crank, 300 LB Capacity
Maximum Lift 14"

Valley Craft F88576B4 Raptor Drum Truck for Cylinders
Valley Craft F88576B4 Raptor Drum Truck for Cylinders

Manual Hydraulic Pump Lift
800 LB Capacity,
Raises middle of cylinder to 48.75" off floor

Valley Craft F89263 Barrel Hawk Drum Truck for Cylinders
Valley Craft F89263 Barrel Hawk Drum Truck for Cylinders

Manual Hydraulic Lift
800 LB Capacity,
Lifts middle of cylinder to 52.5" off floor

Vestil CYL-TRUCK-4 Cylinder Truck
Vestil CYL-TRUCK Forklift Cylinder Trucks

Holds 4, 6 or 8 cylinders

Vestil PJ-TRUCK-2 Pallet Truck Cylinder Cart
Vestil PJ Pallet Truck Cylinder Carts

Holds 2 or 4 cylinders


Gas cylinders are an essential part of many industries, and the task of transporting cylinders is one that must be carried out in conditions of safety. At HOF Equipment Company, we offer a wide range of cylinder carts and cylinder hand trucks which will enable you to move cylinders to where they need to be. Our cylinder trucks take the effort out of handling heavy cylinders and ensure worker ergonomics.

  • LP Gas cylinder carts are specially designed to carry LP gas tanks in safety. Choose a model which can lift and transport up to 6 LP tanks at once.
  • Welding cylinder hand carts enable workers to take the cylinder with them as they resolve issues around the workplace. Cylinder trucks are available which also accommodate a cutting torch.
  • Cylinder lifters not only transport but also raise cylinders for placement into portable welders or onto a truck. These versatile cylinder carts roll on strong casters for portability.
  • Gas cylinder carts transport cylinders in safety, with straps which secure cylinders in place during transit and ergonomic handles which ensure worker comfort.

When working with gas cylinders, safety is of the utmost priority, which is why we stock only the highest quality cylinder carts for your workplace. Browse our selection online or call us on 888-990-1150 for more information and assistance.