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Vestil ROLL-D Roll Dolly
Vestil ROLL-D Roll Dollies

125 LB or 440 LB Capacity

$298.00 - $1,543.00
Vestil CARPET-45 Portable Carpet Dolly
Portable Carpet Dollies & Dispensers

500 LB Capacity

$252.00 - $599.00
Vestil HYD-RR-35 Roll Lifter
Vestil HYD-RR-35 Roll Lifter

Foot Pump, 800 LB Capacity,
38" Lift, 21" Max. Roll Diameter

Vestil HYD-ROLL-16 Roll Lifter
Vestil HYD-ROLL-16 Roll Lifter

Foot Pump, 880 LB Capacity,
33½" Lift, 15¾" Max. Roll Diameter

Vestil HYD-ROLL-47 Roll Lifter
Vestil HYD-ROLL-47 Roll Lifter

Foot Pump, 880 LB Capacity,
33½" Lift, 15¾" Max. Roll Diameter

Vestil HYD-ROLL-47-LP Low Profile Roll Handler
Vestil HYD-ROLL-47-LP Low Profile Roll Lifter

Foot Pump, 880 LB Capacity,
33½" Lift, 15¾" Max. Roll Diameter

ULMA ULM-HRH-850 Hydraulic Roll Lifter
ULMA ULM-HRH-850 Roll Lifter

Foot Pump, 850 LB Capacity,
23" Lift, 24" Max. Roll Diameter

Call/Email For Pricing
Vestil HYD-ROLL-47-DC Powered Roll Lifter
Vestil HYD-ROLL-47-DC Powered Roll Lifter

Battery powered, 600 LB Capacity,
72" Lift, 16" Max. Roll Diameter

Vestil S-MU-VRGR-72 Powered Roll Handler
Vestil S-MU-VRGR-72 Powered Roll Handler

Powered Drive, Lift, & Rotate
800 LB Capacity, 72" Dispensing Height

$13,945.00 - $14,674.00
Vestil EPT-4048-45-RL Electric Roll Pallet Truck
Vestil EPT-4048-45-RL Roll Pallet Truck

4,500 LB Capacity
51" or 63" Maximum Roll Diameter

$8,080.00 - $9,075.00

If you work with rolls of material, you need the right roll handling equipment, to lift, transport and rotate rolls efficiently. Rolls can be oversized and heavy, and can be impossible to move safely without specialized equipment. Lack of correct roll handling equipment can lead to a decrease in productivity and an increase in worker dissatisfaction and even injuries. HOF Equipment Company stocks a wide range of roll lifters, roll handlers and roll pallet trucks, to enable you to move rolls around your workplace safely and easily. All our roll handling equipment is designed with worker safety as a priority, so every model promotes proper posture and eliminates heavy lifting. On our site you will find:

  • Vestil Roll Lifters – These versatile trucks lift rolls measuring up to 21” diameter, powered by a foot pump or a battery. Maximum capacities range from 600 LBS to 880 LBS. These roll lifters take all the effort out of raising heavy rolls, while the sturdy wheels provide instant portability.
  • Ulma Stainless Steel Roll Lifters – These manual roll lifters are ideal for pharmaceutical or food industries, where hygiene is a priority. They are ideal for clean environments. The maximum roll diameter which can be lifted is 24".
  • Vestil Roll Pallet Trucks – These heavy duty powered pallet trucks have a maximum capacity of 4,500 LBS and can handle up to 63” diameter rolls, enabling workers to transport extremely heavy materials with a minimum of effort.
  • Vestil Roll Handlers – These industrial roll handlers are the ultimate in roll handling equipment, since they have 360 degree rotation, plus fully powered drive and lift. The maximum dispensing height is 72”, so this powered roll handler is ideal for any industry which frequently works with rolls.

Whatever your roll handling needs, HOF Equipment Company has the right equipment for you! Our consultants are ready to advise you about the different models of roll lifters in stock. Check out our selection online or call 888-990-1150 today.