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Vestil FCHT-34 File Cabinet Hand Truck
Vestil FCHT-34 File Cabinet Hand Truck

Max. 63" Tall, 600 LB Capacity

Vestil HM-B200 Manual Trailer Dolly
Vestil HM Manual Trailer Dolly

1,000 LB Capacity

Vestil MFM-6-RAL Machinery Lift
Vestil Machinery Lifts

2,000 to 12,000 LB Capacities

$1,915.00 - $4,527.00
Vestil PLDL-ADJ Adjustable Door Dolly
Vestil PLDL-ADJ Adjustable Door Dollies

500, 600 & 1,000 LB Capacities

$231.00 - $255.00
Vestil MCD-10 Low Profile Machine Dolly
Vestil MCD-10 Low Profile Machine Dolly

10,000 LB Capacity
Low Profile

Vestil ODMD 2436-6 Machinery Dolly
Vestil ODMD Open Deck Machine Dollies

6,000 & 10,000 LB Capacities
Open Deck

$521.00 - $1,023.00
Vestil FMS-6 Machinery Skate
Vestil FMS Fixed Machinery Skates

5,000, 6,000 or 12,000 LB Capacity

$76.00 - $170.00
Vestil VPRDO-6T Cast Aluminum Dolly
Vestil VPRDO Cast Aluminum Dolly

1,500 - 9,000 LB Capacities

$70.00 - $300.00
Vestil PRRJ-DOL Pallet Rack Dollies
Vestil PRRJ-DOL Pallet Rack Dollies

1,000 LB Capacity per pair

$203.00 - $491.00
Vestil VHMS-2 Machine Skate
Vestil VHMS-2 Machine Skate

2,000 LB Capacity, Optional Pull Handles Available

$127.00 - $175.00
Vestil VHMS-8 Machine Skate
Vestil VHMS-8 Machine Skate

8,000 LB Capacity, Optional Pull Handles Available 

$225.00 - $294.00
Vestil VHMS-30 Machine Skate
Vestil VHMS-30 Machine Skate

30,000 LB Capacity, Optional Pull Handles Available 

$313.00 - $382.00
Vestil VHMS-15 Machine Skate
Vestil VHMS-15 Machine Skate

15,000 LB Capacity, Optional Pull Handles Available 

$245.00 - $314.00
Vestil ASKT-12 Adjustable Machinery Skates
Vestil ASKT Adjustable Machinery Skates

12,000 to 48,000 LB Capacity

$358.00 - $620.00
Vestil MMJ-10 Mechanical Machinery Jacks
Vestil MMJ Mechanical Machinery Jacks

1,000 to 6,000 LB Capacities

$207.00 - $290.00

Moving heavy machinery or equipment around the workplace requires specialized equipment such as machine movers and machine skates. At HoF Equipment Company, we stock a wide range of machine dollies and furniture movers which will enable you to move equipment easily and safely. Our machine movers are specially designed to hold extremely heavy loads, with low-profile decks making loading and unloading easy. Heavy duty wheels ensure smooth transport around the workplace, while removable handles make steering easy while using the machine skates. These heavy-duty machine dollies can handle up to 48,000 LBS, enabling you to move even the heaviest machinery with a minimum of effort.

Types of machine movers & dollies:

  • Low profile machinery dollies - for ease of loading and unloading;
  • Open deck machinery movers - ideal for larger items;
  • Steerable machinery skates - negociate turns easily, guiding the dolly with a handle;
  • Adjustable machine skates - for different sizes of machinery;
  • Machine roller kits - include four machine skates and two steering handles;
  • Machinery lifts - used in pairs to move equipment and machinery;
  • Pallet rack dollies - for moving assembled racks, saving valuable time;
  • Furniture movers - for smaller items around the workplace;
  • Door dollies - small design for moving doors and slab material.

Whatever you need to move, you will be sure to find a machine mover at HoF Equipment Company to suit your requirements. From machine skates to furniture dollies, we have the right moving equipment for you. Choose a heavy-duty, high-capacity machine dolly if you need to lift heavy items, or browse our selection of smaller machine lifts for lighter items. View all our machine lifters on our site, or call us at 888.990.1150 for expert advice and assistance.