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Dispose of Empty 55 Gallon Drums Easily With The Vestil HDC-905-IDC Drum Crusher

55 gallon drums are an excellent way to store and move substances from one location to another, but what do you do with all the empty drums while waiting for them to be disposed of? The trouble with steel drums is that unlike cardboard boxes that break down easily or totes that stack, an empty drum takes up just as much space as a full one. That’s why at HOF Equipment, we highly recommend the use of a Vestil drum crusher to maximize usable floor space.


The HDC-905-IDC is an efficient, easy-to-use machine that can crush a 55 gallon drum down to just 6” high in 18 seconds. The crushed drums can then be easily stored or even stacked on a pallet for transport to a disposal facility. This frees up valuable floor space compared to simply storing old empty drums in their original size while they await disposal. The Vestil HDC-900-IDC also has a useful secondary function; simply remove the drum-crushing platen to use the machine as a compactor for contents inside a drum.


The Vestil HDC-905-IDC drum crusher is an exceptionally safe to operate machine. It includes a safety lock system that prevents the crushing apparatus from operating when the door is open, and uses a pressure relief valve to prevent overloading. The Vestil HDC-905-IDC also includes built-in fork pockets so that it may be easily transported via forklift from one area of your facility to another.


Here are some basic technical specs on the HDC-905-IDC: 38,000 pounds of crush force, drum-head piercer for venting, 15-gallon oil reservoir, simple three-position selector switch, and protective cover for indoor and outdoor use. Also, the Vestil HDC-905-IDC drum crusher meets OSHA 1910.212, ANSI Z245.5, and JIC standards so you can feel confident that workers will be able to safely and efficiently operate this machine.


Crushing drums frees up space on your work floor and a drum crusher like the HDC-905-IDC also gives you the ability to get the most out of your waste drums thanks to its compacting feature. For more information about the Vestil drum crusher or our large selection of other material handling equipment please visit or call us at 888-990-1150 with any questions.


HDC-905-IDC Drum Crusher Compactor


Kelly Ruybalid

05/27/2016 at 05:46:49 PM

I'm trying to dispose of a scissor lift that is broken and can find no one to pick it up.  Do you know who would do that I'm in the Fremont, Ca