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Make Drum Dumping Simple with a Portable Drum Dumper

Make Drum Dumping Simple with a Portable Hydraulic Drum Dumper It’s no secret that full 55 and 30-gallon drums are heavy. And if transporting and emptying drums is a part of your facility’s workflows, ensuring that employees have the ability to safely and efficiently do so is a powerful step in improving overall productivity.


About Portable Drum Dumpers

A hydraulic drum dumper such as the Vestil HDD-48-10-P makes it easier for workers to lift and dump large drums at varying heights. The Vestil HDD Portable Drum Dumper for example, can lift 55 and 30-gallon steel, plastic, and fiber drums with ease and then safely dump them wherever necessary. Drum dumpers have various lifting capabilities based on the model; lift capacities range from 750 lbs. to 1,500 lbs. and lift heights range from 36” to 72”.


Portable drum dumpers are available in both portable and stationary models so you can pick which equipment works best for your application. It’s also worth noting that when paired with a drum crusher, a drum dumper makes it easy to manage drums from entry to disposal. Drum dumpers are available with optional stainless steel chute or optional FDA white powder coat for incidental food contact. The main point of adding equipment to your facility flow is increasing efficiency, and a portable drum dumper is a great tool for ensuring workers are able to quickly dump drums as needed.


Drum dumpers are safe and easy to operate, requiring only one employee to lift and dump the drum. Durable hand controls give the operator everything needed to control the dump process from start to finish.


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Hydraulic Drum Dumper

     Vestil HDD-48 Hydraulic Drum Dumper