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Plastic Pallets VS Wood Pallets


The pallets on which you move goods can have a major impact on your bottom line. While it may seem as though pallets aren’t all that important, the truth is that pallets represent a major cost to businesses. In some cases, making the switch from traditional wooden pallets to plastic pallets can yield savings and return on investment.

Here’s why:



Plastic pallets are stronger and more durable that wooden pallets. They do not splinter or start to come loose with use. You don’t have to worry about stray nails damaging your product and you can feel confident knowing your pallets are immune to moisture, insects, and other common wood ailments. Plastic pallets outlast their wooden counterparts in almost every usage scenario. Cleaning a plastic pallet is as easy as spraying it down when it’s not in use; wooden pallets carry dirt and moisture everywhere they go.



Plastic pallets are available in two styles: Perforated deck plastic pallet, which allows moisture to pass through, and solid deck plastic pallet which offers a non-perforated solid top. Both the top and the bottom of the deck may include anti-slip grommets to keep the pallet secure during transportation and while on a forklift. Certain plastic pallet models contain metal inserts allowing them to be used on an unsupported rack. HOF Equipment Co. carries plastic pallets with a dynamic fork capacity ranging from 600 lbs. up to 3,960 lbs. Regardless of the intended use, there is a plastic pallet that is up to the task.



In instances where pallets are returned for re-use, plastic pallets are more cost-effective over the long term than wooden pallets. They don’t need to be replaced as often, are easily maintained, and cause less product damage.

Plastic pallets really shine in industries with delicate products and products that must be kept clean. Examples include pharmaceuticals, medical, dairy and beverage, and certain perishable foods. These are industries where pallets are typically returned to the factory for re-use. There’s less risk to the product from pallet damage and plastic pallets are easier to keep clean and cleanliness is important in these industries.


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