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Big Joe Electric Pallet Jacks E30 vs WPT45


When it comes to choosing the right electric pallet jack for your business, we understand that narrowing down options and making a final decision can be a time consuming task. You’re preparing to make an investment in a product that will make your material transport safer and more efficient and you want to be certain that the investment is going into the right truck for your needs. If you’re shopping for electric pallet trucks and are having a hard time deciding which is best, here’s a closer look at two popular models, the Big Joe E30 and the Big Joe WPT45.


When looking at a Big Joe Electric Pallet Jack keep in mind these units are high quality, powered drive and powered lift pallet trucks. The biggest difference between the E30 and WPT45 is the total load capacity. The E30 can transport loads of up to 3,000 lbs., while the WPT45 transports loads of up to 4,500 lbs. Both trucks require 24V of power and have two different AGM battery configuration options available. A built in smart battery charger and a battery charge gauge come standard on both trucks.


Both the Big Joe E30 and WPT45 are available in various fork width/length configurations with the most popular being 27”W x 45”L. There is a slight difference in the lowered and maximum raised fork heights on these two trucks; the E30 has a service range of 3” to 7.5” while the WPT45 has a service range of 3.25” to 8.2”. The WPT45 is also slightly faster with a top loaded speed of 3.5 mph vs the E30’s top loaded speed of 2.5 mph.


Both of these capable Big Joe pallet trucks are backed by a one-year frame and transmission warranty with six months of coverage on parts and batteries and 90 days for labor. For more information about the Big Joe E30 or Big Joe WPT45 or any of the other electric pallet jacks we carry please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150 with any questions.


Big Joe WPT45 Electric Pallet Truck

     Big Joe WPT45 - 4,500 LB Electric Pallet Truck


Big Joe E30 Electric Pallet Truck

     Big Joe E30 - 3,000 LB Electric Pallet Truck



08/14/2019 at 09:11:18 AM

We have a few Big Joe E30 trucks and they have been low maintenance so far. Our guys seem to like them.