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Aluminum Wheel Risers Aid in OSHA Compliance

OSHA requirements are established to ensure your employees and anyone else who may visit your facility stay as safe as possible. Guidelines set in place by the agency are designed to prevent accidents and to limit the consequences if accidents do occur. Complying with OSHA regulations can sometimes feel like a burden, but the end result is a safer work environment.


If you regularly load and unload trucks, you may be familiar with the OSHA guideline governing the maximum allowable grade for fully-loaded forklifts. If you’re not, here’s the basic gist: OSHA/ANSI B56.1 part three, section seven sets a specific rule for loaded forklifts and requires that they not traverse grades beyond a certain angle. This rule helps to prevent forklift accidents like tip-overs or out-of-control machines due to the incline.


Loading a truck with a forklift can thus present a challenge for staying within OSHA guidelines. And one of the simplest solutions is to use wheel risers.


What are Wheel Risers?

Aluminum Wheel Risers are designed to sit in front of the loading dock and act as ramps. As the truck backs up onto the risers, the rear of the trailer raises to be more closely in-line with the level of the loading dock. This ensures that the loading and unloading procedures comply with OSHA’s grade guidelines. Aluminum wheel risers are made of welded, light-weight aluminum making them easier to transport and incredibly durable. Quarter-inch aluminum treads provide for better truck tire traction.  Steel wheel risers are similar but are, of course, heavier.


Wheel Risers For Loading Docks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. HOF Equipment Company offers 18-inch and 24-inch wide models with lift heights of 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches. Optional anchors are available that allow the risers to be anchored to the ground. Risers can be moved via forklift thanks to welded fork pockets, or by hand with factory-installed rubber wheels, or with a portable wheel riser caddy.


For more information or inquiries about our aluminum wheel risers please visit or contact us at 888-990-1150.


Vestil Aluminum Wheel Riser

     Vestil Aluminum Wheel Riser