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Safety Bollards for a Safer Environment


We’ve said it time and time again: Safety should be the first priority in any work or pedestrian environment. The right safety protocols and equipment do more than protect employees from injury – they can also go a long way toward keeping your equipment safe and ensuring your business doesn’t suffer from a slow-down due to an easily preventable accident. At HOF Equipment Company, we stock a large variety of safety equipment designed to protect personnel and valuable business assets.

Bollards are among the best safety equipment in terms of return on investment. Bollards are basically mounted steel posts that may be permanent, removable, or simply sit in place on the ground. Bollards are a relatively inexpensive way to protect workers (pedestrians), facility structures, and expensive machinery in exposed areas from traffic including vehicles, forklifts, and pallet trucks. One safety bollard in the right place can prevent a costly accident.


Types of Bollards

There are several varieties of bollards available to meet a variety of needs. Fixed bollards are normally mounted in wet concrete; these are best used to protect non-mobile machinery or to provide permanent protection to areas.


Removable bollards can be taken down quickly for ease of access to areas when needed. This type of bollard is generally mounted in a sleeve that is permanently mounted in the ground. At times when protection is not desired, the bollard is pulled out of the sleeve and stored away.

Removable Bollards

Moveable bollards simply sit on the surface where they are needed. They have a base with or without wheels and can simply be carried or rolled from one location to another.

Moveable Bollards

Ornamental bollards serve the same protective purpose as regular bollards but are a more attractive option when deployed on your business’s exterior.

Removeable Oriental Bollard

When bollards get old and begin to rust or degrade or if a design change is desired, a wide range of bollard covers exist that can be slipped over existing bollards to improve aesthetics and minimize bollard maintenance.

It’s easy to overlook the incredible usefulness of something as simple as a bollard, but strategically positioned bollards can prevent expensive equipment damage or injury to employees. For more information about our bollards please visit us at or contact us at 888.990.1150.