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Vestil BOL-42-4.5 Steel Bollard
Vestil Steel Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction

Vestil Fluorescent Bollard
Vestil Fluorescent Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction

Vestil BOL-SQ-42-4 Square Bollard
Vestil BOL-SQ-42-4 Square Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction

Vestil OPBOL-31
Vestil OPBOL Orange Plastic Bollards

Surface Mounted, Plastic Construction

Vestil PBOL-24
Vestil PBOL-24 Plastic Bollard

Surface Mounted, Plastic Construction

Vestil BOL-JK-42-5.5 Bollard with Chain Slots
Vestil BOL-JK Bollards with Chain Slots

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction, Chain Slots

Vestil BOL-R-48-5.5 Removable Bollard
Vestil BOL-R Removable Bollards

Sleeve Is Set in Concrete, Steel Construction

Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards
Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards

Set In Concrete, Galvanized Steel Construction

Vestil BOLPP Permanent Bollards
Vestil BOLPP Permanent Bollards

Set In Concrete, Steel Construction

Vestil BOL-RF Removable Bollard
Vestil BOL-RF Removable Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction

Vestil Aluminum Bollard
Vestil Aluminum Bollards

Surface Mounted, Aluminum Construction

Vestil PARK-P-108 Surface Mount Bollard
Vestil PARK-P Surface Mount Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction

Vestil DCBB-42-5.5 Bollard Barrier System
Vestil DCBB Bollards with Chains

Surface mounted, Steel construction
Includes chains, chain post and mounting brackets

Vestil PARK-P-76 Fold Down Bollard
Vestil Fold Down Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction, Fold Down Design

Vestil BOL-FD-36-Y Fold Down Bollard
Vestil BOL-FD-36-Y Fold Down Bollard

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction, Fold Down Design

Vestil BOL-FD-36-G Fold Down Bollard
Vestil BOL-FD-36-G Galvanized Fold Down Bollard

Surface Mounted, Galvanized Steel Construction, Fold Down Design

Vestil  BOL-MB-42-5.5
Vestil BOL-MB Movable Bollards

Steel Construction, 10" Wheels For Mobility

Vestil OBOL-47-4.5 Offset Steel Bollard
Vestil OBOL Offset Steel Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction

Vestil SPBOL-42 Spring Bollard
Vestil SPBOL Spring Bollards

Surface Mounted, Steel Construction, Built-in Spring

Vestil SMK-F-35A Aluminum Smokers Bollard
Vestil SMK-F-35A Aluminum Smoker's Bollard

Surface or Wall Mounted,
Aluminum Alloy Construction

Vestil BOL-PBB-P-56-Y Portable Plastic Bollard
Vestil BOL-PBB-P-56-Y Portable Plastic Bollard

Plastic construction, Portable Base

Vestil FSBOL-24 Floor Stop Bollard
Vestil FSBOL Floor Stop Bollards

Surface mounted, Steel construction


Buy Bollards Online at HOF Equipment Company

Bollards are sturdy, short, vertical protective barriers that play an integral role in safeguarding workers, buildings, racks, and machinery. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to offer visual and physical barriers for safer, and more controlled environments. Available in steel, iron, concrete, and strong plastics materials, they secure your restricted areas and help manage traffic control. At HOF Equipment Company, we can handle all of your bollard needs, from industrial to decorative models. The offered models of bollards are known for their impeccable appearance & life.

Types of Bollards Offered at HOF Equipment Company

Our online inventory includes an assortment of permanent bollards, removable bollards, parking bollards, traffic bollards, and folding bollards by Vesil. In the case of removable bollards, you may choose from the surface mount and sleeve-in concrete styles. Buy bollards online from HOF Equipment Company in the required heights, colors, and diameters. The following are the models we provide online at HOF Equipment Company.

  • Removable Bollards: These attractive, semi-permanent traffic control bollards are ideal for both frequent and limited access areas like driveways, docks, rails and sidewalks. Removable bollards are available in collapsible, retractable, decorative, and flexible models. You can use bollards with chains and optional D links in large areas.
  • Permanent Bollards: The fixed bollard can be concreted in place to protect your site from traffic damage or to direct traffic or pedestrians. They are embedded in the ground to provide a long lasting protection from vehicles to business or organizations, warehouses and residential areas.
  • Parking Bollards: These kinds of bollards are designed to protect sensitive parking areas, ticket machines, officer booths, and mechanical security gates, among others. Parking bollards can create clear, impassable barriers for vehicles, and thus play a vital role in promoting public safety.
  • Galvanized Fold Down Bollards: Specifically designed for parking control and security, these bollards are galvanized for superior durability. They are designed to stand in a vertical position when in use and fold down or collapse when not in use.
  • Jumbo Steel Bollards: These oversized steel bollards protect doorways, work areas, people, racking, and equipment near heavy forklift traffic. Heavy-duty steel welded safety bollards can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Offset Steel Bollards: Designed with a unique offset base, these bollards do not impede or interfere with vehicular traffic. Featuring a yellow, powder-coated finish for easy visibility, offset steel bollards can be easily installed using any standard mounting hardware.
  • Spring Bollards: Owing to their spring-loaded design, these bollards can be repeatedly contacted without damage. Designed to offer super flexibility when hit from any angle, they reduce damage to both the bollard and the vehicle.
  • Traffic Cones: These cone-shaped markers, which are placed on roads or footpaths, help direct traffic and warn people of obstructions ahead. These highly visible safety cones are extremely portable and durable. They are available in dark orange, blue or red colors to be placed on construction sites, crowded streets, and even corridors.
  • Smoker’s Bollards: Also functions as a cigarette disposal unit, these bollards are ideal for outdoor usage. This versatile bollard is provided with a yellow powder coat finish for years of reliable service.

Benefits of Using Bollards Provided by Us

Investing in the right type of bollards offers immense benefits. Here are a few reasons to install these units.

  • They play a decisive role in traffic management as they help regulate vehicle flow in high traffic roads.
  • Bollards offer security for building and infrastructure by preventing vehicles’ entry.
  • They enhance the security of pedestrians in crowded street corners, poor traffic signals, and unsafe crosswalks.
  • They direct traffic or mob to a specific location.
  • These blockades can also add aesthetic enhancement to a storefront.
  • Available in a range of styles and designs, they prevent intrusion to businesses and residential environments.
  • These strong and long-lasting bollards offer excellent resistance to heat and other environmental exposures. This makes them a perfect choice for use in front of your business or office premise or parking lot.

To keep your employees, visitors, infrastructure and facility safe and secure, make sure that you have the right type of bollards installed at your facility. Have a question about Vestil bollards with chains we offer at HOF Equipment Company? Simply give us a call or send us an email today! A knowledgeable member of our team is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need. We're constantly updating our online inventory with new material handling products, so check back often. If you wish to buy bollards online from a trusted online store, you can count on us. HOF Equipment Company has the equipment you need to get the job done.