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Vestil VGLT Surface Mount Flexible Stakes

Vestil VGLT- Surface Mount Flexible Stakes
Vestil VGLT-16-2F-Y
Vestil VGLT-16-4F-Y Surface Mount Flexible Stake
Vestil VGLT-16-4F-W Surface Mount Flexible Stake
Vestil VGLT-16-4F-O Surface Mount Flexible Stake
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Vestil VGLT Surface Mount Flexible Stakes are designed for high traffic and high potential impact locations. Stakes are made from polycarbonate extrusion and flexible hinge making them virtually indestructible. Easy four part assembly consists of putting together the post & hinge, 8" diameter base, grips, and pin. Units feature fast installation and can be mounted to concrete, asphalt, wood, or other hard surfaces using appropriate hardware (not included). Vestil VGLT stakes are FAA approved. Yellow, orange and white flexible stakes available. Yellow, orange and white reflective sheeting sold as an option.



  • Height: 24" tall to 48" tall (depending on model)
  • Width: 3-1/4"
  • Has flexible hinge that makes them basically indestructible
  • Made from polycarbonate extrusion
  • Available in three colors: yellow, orange, and white
  • Easy installation and can be mounted to almost any hard surface



Vestil VGLT Surface Mount Flexible Stakes:
VGLT-16-2F-Y24" HeightYellow3-1/4" 3 LBS $45.00
VGLT-16-2F-O24" HeightOrange3-1/4" 3 LBS $45.00
VGLT-16-2F-W24" HeightWhite3-1/4"3 LBS $45.00
VGLT-16-3F-Y36" HeightYellow3-1/4" 3.5 LBS $51.00
VGLT-16-3F-O36" HeightOrange3-1/4" 3.5 LBS $51.00
VGLT-16-3F-W36" HeightWhite3-1/4"3.5 LBS $51.00
VGLT-16-4F-Y48" HeightYellow3-1/4" 4 LBS $63.00
VGLT-16-4F-O48" HeightOrange3-1/4" 4 LBS $63.00
VGLT-16-4F-W48" HeightWhite3-1/4"4 LBS $63.00
SKUCapacity/Desc.Overall HeightWidthWeightPriceQty
VGLT-RT-WWhite Reflective Sheeting 6"3"0.5 LBS $8.00
VGLT-RT-YYellow Reflective Sheeting6"3"0.5 LBS $8.00
VGLT-RT-OOrange Reflective Sheeting6"3"0.5 LBS $8.00

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