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Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards

Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards
Vestil BOLPP 5-9/16 diameter Permanent Bollard
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Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards are pour in place bollards designed to be set in concrete. Bollards are extra long allowing the installer to maintain desired height when setting in concrete. Slide-through lag anchors are included for extra stability. Models with an outside diameter of 4½" and 5-9/16" come standard with a removable cap, while 6⅝" diameter bollards are open-topped. All bollards can be filled with concrete for increased strength. Vestil BOLPP permanent bollards are made 100% of steel and have a hot-dipped galvanized finish for corrosion resistance.

Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards are built to order with an estimated lead time of 40 business days.



  • Outside diameter: either 4-1/2", 5-9/16" or 6-5/8" (depending on model)
  • Designed to be set in concrete
  • All steel construction with galvanized finish



Vestil BOLPP Galvanized Permanent Bollards:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Outside DiameterUsable HeightOverall HeightWeightPriceQty
BOLPP-24-4.5-HDGPermanent Bollard4-1/2"25"38-3/8"22 LBS $125.00
BOLPP-36-4.5-HDGPermanent Bollard4-1/2"36-1/2"47-3/8"27 LBS $158.00
BOLPP-42-4.5-HDGPermanent Bollard4-1/2"42.5"52.5"30 LBS $179.00
BOLPP-48-4.5-HDGPermanent Bollard4-1/2"48.5"58.5"33 LBS $245.00
BOLPP-62-4.5-HDGPermanent Bollard4-1/2"62"72"49 LBS $283.00
BOLPP-72-4.5-HDGPermanent Bollard4-1/2"72"82"40 LBS $334.00
BOLPP-24-5.5-HDGPermanent Bollard5-9/16"25"38-3/8"28 LBS $141.00
BOLPP-36-5.5-HDGPermanent Bollard5-9/16"36.5"47-3/8"35 LBS $180.00
BOLPP-42-5.5-HDGPermanent Bollard5-9/16"42.5"52.5"39 LBS $224.00
BOLPP-48-5.5-HDGPermanent Bollard5-9/16"48.5"58.5"43 LBS $258.00
BOLPP-62-5.5-HDGPermanent Bollard5-9/16"62"72"51 LBS $302.00
BOLPP-72-5.5-HDGPermanent Bollard5-9/16"72"82"59 LBS $363.00
BOLPP-24-6.5-HDGPermanent Bollard6-5/8"25"38-3/8"33 LBS $155.00
BOLPP-36-6.5-HDGPermanent Bollard6-5/8"36-1/2"47-3/8"42 LBS $243.00
BOLPP-42-6.5-HDGPermanent Bollard6-5/8"42-1/2"52-1/2"46 LBS $294.00
BOLPP-48-6.5-HDGPermanent Bollard6-5/8"48-1/2"58-1/2"53 LBS $294.00
BOLPP-62-6.5-HDGPermanent Bollard6-5/8"62"72"61 LBS $335.00
BOLPP-72-6.5-HDGPermanent Bollard6-5/8"72"82"69 LBS $394.00

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