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Transport and Weigh Goods Simultaneously with a Pallet Jack Scale

There is no doubt that the need often arises to weigh goods, either when they arrive or just before they are shipped. While your facility may have a dedicated scale, moving loads on and off the scale represents a time inefficiency that can be eliminated with the right equipment. Investing in a pallet jack scale gives the operator the ability to transport and weigh loads at the same time, thus removing a step from the process and increasing efficiency.


Weighing In

Standard pallet trucks simply transport materials from one location to another. But a pallet jack with scale, such as the Vestil PM-2748-SCL-LP  also provides an accurate, digital weighing mechanism that lets the operator know the exact weight (+/- 1 lb.) of the load being moved. HOF Equipment Company also offers pallet jacks with a NTEP legal-for-trade scale. A useful option is a small printer that is attached to the scale that will print out the load weight for future reference or shipping purposes. It’s all about building efficiency into your material handling tools.



The pallet jack scales carried by HOF Equipment Company feature a 5,000 LB capacity, sloped and rounded fork nose design, 7” poly-on-steel steering wheels, quick-lift pump, and various fork sizes. A Stainless Steel Pallet Jack with Scale is available for use in wash down environments as wells as for medical and food applications. In short, a pallet jack with scale lets the operator accomplish two tasks with one very useful piece of equipment.


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Pallet Jack Scale