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Meet OSHA Regulations With Trailer Jack Stands

If working with semi-trailers is a part of your business’s daily operations, you know that OSHA regulations are more than just guidelines. They’re important rules that protect employees from harm. Meeting these regulations is about more than avoiding fines or insuring compliance with the law; following OSHA guidelines ensures employees can operate at maximum efficiency without risk of injury.

The right dock equipment is vital in meeting OSHA guidelines and making it easier for employees to work efficiently. Trailer Jack Stands , used with wheel chocks, meet OSHA guidelines and make your work environment easier to navigate.

Vestil SP-TOP-R Trailer Jack Stand

About Trailer Jack Stands

Trailer jack stands are designed to level a semi-trailer while preventing the accidental upending of that trailer during loading and unloading. They are used when the trailer is not connected directly to a tractor. An upended trailer can be extremely dangerous for workers, not to mention the damage caused to cargo and the trailer itself. Using a suitable trailer stabilizer jack such as the Vestil SP-TOP-R ensures everyone stays safe on the job.


HOF Equipment Company carries a wide array of trailer jack stands. You’ll find beam top and round top models and ratchet and hand crank models. All models boast wheels for easy transport. And all models meet OSHA standards when used with an OSHA-compliant set of wheel chocks. It is HOF Equipment’s goal to provide high-end equipment that meets regulations, improves workflows, and helps keep your employees safe.


Trailer stabilizing jacks are just one part of safe unloading and loading of semi-trailers. For further information or questions about dock equipment and OSHA guidelines, please contact us at 888-990-1150  or visit