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Lift and Move Materials With Ease Using a Hand Winch Lift Truck



Is lifting and moving heavy material around your location a challenge? A hand winch lift truck is the solution many companies use to easily raise and transport materials. Below are some of the best options.


Vestil A-LIFT Winch Trucks

A-LIFT hand winch lift trucks by Vestil handle multiple lift and transport functions on the job. Whether you need to move materials from shelves to other parts of a warehouse, install ceiling appliances, lift equipment or handle a myriad of other warehouse tasks, the Vestil A-LIFT-R is a multipurpose machine designed to add value. The operator is able to transport material or equipment using forks or the optional platform. A hold-down device secures the load during transport. This winch lift truck has a 500-pound capacity and can lift to a maximum height of 67” when the forks are in the inverted position.


The Vestil A-LIFT-S hand winch lift truck features adjustable straddle legs which allow the forks to get close to the item being lifted since the legs are out to the sides. Operators can quickly lift machinery, materials, or small closed or open bottom pallets. The forks invert for added flexibility and the 400-pound capacity fits the profile of many tasks. Available options include a deck platform and pneumatic rear wheels. The maximum lift height is 67” when the forks are inverted.


Hand winch lift trucks with a counter balance are also available. These models do not have front support legs which allow the unit to get close to the load. These counter-balanced hand winch lift trucks are great for lifting and transporting small closed-bottomed pallets or other items where getting in close with the forks is required.


Multiple Options for Businesses

A variety of lift heights and capacities make Vestil hand winch lift trucks valuable additions to any business. Having the right equipment for employees to work efficiently reduces cost and aids in keeping morale high in the workplace.


Don’t settle for cheaply constructed material handling equipment; choose hand winch lift trucks made of steel and aluminum for years of reliable service. When you need a better solution for lifting and moving materials around your workplace, hand winch lifts are the way to go. For further information please contact us at 888-990-1150 or visit