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Move Heavy Carts Easily With An Electric Tugger

Towing loaded carts is a great way to move goods, materials, and machinery from point A to point B in industrial environments. Electric Tuggers allow a single worker to walk loads to where they are needed.


Tugger Brands

HOF Equipment Co carries: Pony Express Tuggers, Vestil Tuggers, and Big Joe Tuggers. Tow capacities range from 1,000 LBS to 70,000 LBS and carts may be pulled or pushed.


Pony Express 1065

A popular 1,000 LB capacity tugger is the Vestil E-TUG-10 tugger. The Pony Express 1065 tugger is a popular larger capacity model that features a 5,000 LB tow capacity on a level surface, AGM batteries, built-in smart charger, regenerative braking, and non-marking foam filled tires. Travel speed is up to 1.5 m.p.h in low mode an up to 3 m.p.h in high mode. Several hitch options are available including ball hitches, pintle hitch, cart to cart hitching systems, and auto coupling cart hitch systems.


To learn more about how a tugger can benefit your work process, please contact HOF Equipment Company at 888.990.1150 or visit


Pony Express 1065 Tugger

     Pony Express 1065 Tugger

Pony Express Tugger & Cart

     Pony Express Tugger & Cart