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Lift Low Profile Pallets with A Low Profile Pallet Jack

Low Profile Pallet Jack

In a perfect world, pallet jacks would be a one-size-fits-all solution. Unfortunately (and as anyone who works in shipping/receiving can tell you), this often isn’t the case. Different types of pallets work better with different kinds of jacks, and forcing one to interact with another outside of the two components’ proper design guidelines could be a recipe for trouble and often times just will not work. If your organization uses low profile pallets you will likely need a low profile pallet truck to transport them.


A Low-profile pallet jack is designed specifically to work with low-profile pallets. For example, the Vestil PM4-2748-LP low-profile pallet jack features a 1⅞” lowered fork height that allows it to handle low-profile pallets, skids, and machinery with a low clearance. The low-profile design doesn’t sacrifice capacity -- it’s still capable of moving items with weights of up to 4,000 lbs. With a wide, ergonomic handle and fingertip controls, this low profile pallet jack gives you all the functionality of a traditional pallet jack, but with the increased safety and stability of a jack designed to move low clearance loads.


For pallets with even less ground clearance, there are super low-profile pallet trucks like the Vestil PM2-3348-SLP, which features a 1½” lowered fork height. Boasting many of the same features as regular pallet trucks (including a similar ergonomic and convenience features to the PM4-2748), this low-profile pallet truck can handle machinery, skids, and pallets with weights up to 2,200 lbs. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality when you’re working with low-profile pallets!


HOF Equipment is committed to providing you with equipment that allows you and your employees to work safely and efficiently. For further information or questions about which low profile pallet jack is best for your needs please contact us at 888-990-1150 or visit