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Protect and Beautify with Decorative Bollards

Protective bollards are a proven way to keep facilities and people safe. Bollards prevent accidental collisions and prevent damage to buildings, machinery, shelving units, interior and exterior corners, and much more. They are a simple solution to a common problem. A problem arises when bollards are needed in non-industrial settings. The standard bright yellow industrial bollards just aren’t all that pleasant to look at. This is where decorative bollards come into play.


If you manage or own a facility that is aiming for a more visibly attractive look (i.e. non-industrial buildings, housing developments, parks, parking lots, sidewalks etc.) you can spruce things up while still protecting assets by investing in decorative bollards. These ornamental bollards perform the exact same function as industrial bollards, but with a much nicer aesthetic. With many styles to choose from and prices that accommodate all budgets, decorative bollards are one of the easiest ways to improve safety while maintaining an attractive look at the same time.


Decorative bollards can be made of a variety of material types including cast iron, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum to provide a variety of looks. Some designs feature intricate column tapers, curves, and fluting that can provide a range of looks ranging from classic to modern. Visitors to your location will view these bollards as design accents. Decorative bollards are available in many functional types; there are removable, surface mount, and pour-in-place variations. Cast iron bollards such as the Vestil BOL-OR-40-BK are popular due to their removability, looks, and durability. Stainless steel bollards are also desirable in certain settings.


When placed correctly, bollards provide a protective barrier and are ideal for protecting sidewalks, machinery, parking lots, building exteriors, and more. And with decorative bollards, you’ll be able to ensure the same level of safety without detracting from the appearance of your location. This is especially useful in street or sidewalk facing retail businesses, where safety and aesthetics are both at a premium.


Vestil BOL-OR-40-BK

     Vestil BOL-OR-40-BK Removable Cast Iron Bollard


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