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Increase Efficiency With Portable Platform Lifts

We always say the best equipment is the equipment that allows you to get the job done more efficiently while increasing safety. Gains in speed may be offset if they do not come with an equal gain in safety; work floor accidents can cost a business dearly due to stopped production and loss of workers while they recuperate.


At HOF Equipment Company, we understand the value in high-quality, affordable equipment that’s both safe and innovative. We take pride in providing equipment that will help our customers get the job done in a safer and more efficient manner. Take for example, our line-up of platform lifts.


What are Platform Lifts?

Portable platform lifts are relatively simple machines designed to help workers lift, transport, and stack heavy boxes, crates, or other materials. The Vestil HYD-10, for example, can lift, transport, and stack loads of up to 500 lbs. to a height of 67”. In other words, it takes the work of two persons and makes it safe and easy for one. In short, a manual platform lift will allow workers to quickly and easily move and organize containers or materials in industrial and office environments.


Types and Features

There are quite a few choices when it comes to lift platforms. They are available with a variety of lift heights, lift mechanisms, platform & fork sizes, and load capacities that range from 150 lbs. to 500 lbs.

Manual hydraulic lift platforms use a foot pump to lift heavy loads, while manual hand winch lift platforms use a system of pulleys for easy hand cranking. For heavy use applications, an electric platform lift might be a good alternative to a manual lift. These are battery powered and generally come with an integral battery charger and battery charge indicator.


Portable Material Lifts will come with either forks or a solid platform for lifting materials. All platform lifts are built with front facing outrigger legs that prevents them from tipping forward or becoming unwieldy when a load is raised to its maximum height. Some lift platforms feature adjustable straddle legs that are designed to straddle boxes and containers allowing the forks or platform to get very close to the intended cargo for easy loading and unloading.

For more information about our lift platforms and how they can help with your specific application please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150.


Vestil HYD-10 Platform Lift

     Vestil HYD-10 Platform Lift