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Cylinder Handling Made Easy

If you regularly use torches, welders, and regulators, chances are good that you have to move cylinders around your workspace. Whether you’re dealing with medical gases, industrial gases, or specialty gases, hauling bulky cylinders is not an easy task, and moving cylinders manually can pose safety risks. At a very minimum, dragging or rolling cylinders from one location to another risks damaging or wearing the cylinder.


At HOF Equipment Company, we carry a large selection of cylinder carts designed to make transporting cylinders and welding equipment quick, easy, and safe. Carts come in two primary types:


Welding Torch Carts

These carts allow you to transport a torch, hoses, cylinders, and regulators together. It’s common to have to move welding gear around an industrial environment regularly to take care of repairs or repetitive tasks. A welding torch cart will help organize and simplify the process of moving heavy welding equipment. Welding cylinder and torch carts generally feature two rear wheels that provide tilt and go mobility. In addition to wheels, some carts also have built-in fork pockets for transport by forklift.


Welding Cylinder Cart

Welding cylinder carts are built to handle the transport of cylinders only. If your welding equipment or cutting torch is stationary and the only thing you need to regularly do is replace empty cylinders with full ones, a welding cylinder cart makes this task less painful. It’s a far more favorable and safe option versus rolling, carrying, or dragging cylinders.


An option that is often available on cylinder carts are foam-filled wheels vs standard pneumatic wheels. Additionally, welding cylinder carts with fire protection are available. These carts feature a fire-resistant design which acts as a fire protection barrier for additional safety.


Choosing the right cylinder cart depends largely on individual requirements such as how often and how far the cylinders need to be transported and whether other welding equipment (torches etc.) need to ride along. For more information about our Torch or Cylinder carts please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150.


Vestil CYL-2 Welding Cylinder Cart

     Vestil CYL-2 Welding Cylinder & Torch Cart