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Make Material Transport Easy with an Electric Platform Truck

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks on any work floor is moving items and materials from one area to another. This is especially true if you do a lot of stock picking/stocking, or regularly send employees to retrieve and move heavy totes or boxes. Moving heavy objects by hand is inefficient, exhausting, and can be unsafe -- that’s why the platform truck was invented.


If employees spend a significant amount of time moving heavy materials, you may want to invest in an electric platform truck. These trucks work just like manual platform trucks, except they are powered by an energy-efficient electric motor that makes it much easier to transport materials.


Why An Electric Platform Truck?


Imagine the efficiency gains you could achieve if it took only a few seconds and minimal physical effort to move heavy materials thanks to an electric platform truck. With models available to handle capacities ranging from 500 lbs to 1,500 lbs., there’s no question that HOF Equipment Company has a platform truck to suite your needs. For example, the Vestil EMHC-2860-1 supports up to 1,100 lbs., can handle inclines of up to eight degrees, and boasts a variable speed dial allowing for speeds up to 4.8 mph. With intelligent electronic braking and an emergency power shut-off button, this platform truck gives you all the features needed for the fast and safe transport of materials. Workers tend to feel in control and comfortable moving items with this powered platform truck.


Vestil EMHC-2860-1 Electric Platform Cart

     Vestil EMHC-2860-1 Electric Platform Cart


Often tasks require organizing and moving several items at a time. Some electric platform trucks feature shelves for stacking and organizing the load, while others use a caged design that is ideal for stacking boxes and other bulky items. What matters most is that you find the electric platform cart that’s best suited to your needs. It’s always better to invest in the right equipment for the job rather than implement stopgap measures that require eventual replacement.


HOF Equipment Company is here to help and for more information about our electric platform carts please contact us at 888-990-1150.


Vestil EMHC-2860-4 Electric Platform Cart

     Vestil EMHC-2860-4 Electric Platform Cart