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Empty Boxes and Totes Easily With A Box Dumper


Manually lifting and dumping heavy boxes is an inefficient and labor-intensive. This is especially true for applications where box or tote loads regularly exceed a reasonable weight for human-powered dumping. A Vestil hydraulic box dumper reduces the amount of man power required for this necessary but time-consuming task, making it safer, easier, and more efficient.


What is a Box Dumper?

A box dumper is a specialized piece of machinery designed to lift heavy boxes, containers, or totes and dump their contents. In general, a hydraulic tote dumper can handle loads between 2,000 and 6,000 lbs (depending on the model). They are simple to operate – the box is placed into the dumper, the retaining bar is put into place, and the dump is completed with the push of a button. It really could not be simpler.


Most box dumpers are built with a low load height to make it easy to get the box in place, and offer dump heights between 3 and 5 feet. The retaining bar on the dumper is made to adjust to hold boxes of different heights. For example the Vestil HBD-2-60 is a popular model that has a 2,000 lb capacity and a 60" dump height. Box dumpers are available in a variety of motor voltages including 460v/3ph, 208-230v/1ph, 208-230v/3ph, 115v/1ph, and even 12v DC power. No matter what your facility standard voltage is there is a box dumper to fit your needs.


Benefits of Box Dumpers

Using a box dumper helps ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently. Additionally, box dumpers are easy to operate and do not require special training; any employee can quickly learn to use the dumper in a safe manner. Box dumpers provide a simple solution to one of the most frustrating industrial work place problems by offloading the work to hydraulics and making it easier for workers to get the job done.


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Vestil HBD-60 Hydraulic Box Dumper