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Pallet Truck vs Pallet Stacker, which do I need?


Ahh, the age old question: Do I need a Pallet Jack or a Pallet Stacker? Deciding which you need is simply an exercise in determining your requirements. The capabilities of both types of units are outlined below.


A Pallet Jack is simply used to lift a pallet a few inches off the ground, move it to another location, and then lower it back to the ground. The maximum lift height of a Pallet Truck is normally about 6” to 8”. 


A Pallet Stacker is also designed to lift and move pallets from one station to another. Stackers differ from pallet trucks in that they have maximum lift heights ranging from 50” to 150” or even higher in some situations. This high lift capacity allows stackers to put a pallet onto a high rack for storage or load it from ground level onto to a truck trailer if a loading dock is not available. Lifting heavy pallets high into the air creates a tip hazard which necessitates that pallet stackers have either outriggers (legs with wheels at the end that extend outward in front of the unit) for stability or a weighted counter-balance in the rear of the unit to prevent it from tipping over.


For high workflow situations, an Electric Pallet Jack or Electric pallet stacker can really be worth the extra money. These units are usually powered by 6V or 12V lead or AGM batteries and come with an on-board charger. Some models are manual push with a powered lift, while full featured models have powered drive and powered lift capabilities. An Electric Pallet Stacker is a must have for placing pallets on high shelves.


HOF Equipment Company carries a large variety of pallet handling equipment. For more information on pallet stackers and pallet trucks please contact us at 888.990.1150


Big Joe S22-116 Electric Pallet Stacker

     Big Joe S22-116 Electric Pallet Stacker


Big Joe WPT45 Electric Pallet Truck

     Big Joe WPT45 Electric Pallet Jack