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Transport and Rotate Drums Easily with a Portable Drum Positioner / Lifter / Rotator

Moving and rotating drums is a difficult and potentially dangerous process that can put stress on workers and slow work flow. In many cases, there’s no easy or safe way to move a drum across a facility floor besides haphazardly placing it on a pallet jack or physically man handling it from one location to the next. If rotating and transporting drums is a necessary part of your work process, HOF Equipment Company recommends a portable drum rotator to improve efficiency and promote a safe work environment.


Drum Lifter/Rotator Features

Our wide range of portable drum lifters / drum rotators offers a solution for getting just about every drum handling job done. With models that feature 1.) manual lift and rotation, 2.) DC powered lift and manual rotation, or 3.) DC powered lift and rotation, we’re certain you’ll find exactly the right drum handler for your application. All of the Vestil Portable Drum Rotators carried by HOF Equipment Company are manually portable on 2 rear swivel and 2 front rigid nylon casters.


Drum rotators are designed to handle the daily stress of heavy drums. For example, the Vestil DRUM-LRT is designed to transport, lift, and rotate up to 360°, steel and fiber 55 gallon drums weighing up to 550 lbs. The max lift height is 62” measured from the bottom of the drum to the floor while in the vertical position. This capable drum handler uses a clamping mechanism to easily grasp the drum. Model DRUM-LRT-ll includes pivoting straddle legs that can straddle a pallet allowing it to lift the drum off of the pallet. These portable drum lifters make it easy to lift, rotate, and transport drums to where they are needed.


If you have the need to lift and rotate drums at higher elevations, we offer drum handlers with increased lift heights of up to 96” for this purpose. HOF Equipment’s goal is always to ensure that you have exactly the tools you need to stay safe and keep your work moving forward. If you have questions or need help choosing the right equipment please visit or contact us at 888-990-1150.


Vestil DRUM-LRT Portable Drum Lifter

     Vestil DRUM-LRT Portable Drum Lifter / Drum Rotator