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Transport and Lift Material to an Ergonomic Work Height with a High Lift Skid Lifter / Tote Lifter

Proper ergonomic work position on the facility floor is a more critical issue than many businesses realize. When workers spend the day bending over loads or crouching to get tasks done, the rate of fatigue and possibility of injury is increased. Providing employees with tools that allow for ergonomic workflows not only makes their work more efficient, but safer and more enjoyable. A High lift skid lifter provides workers with the flexibility to easily move and adjust loads to a comfortable work height.


Big Lifting

The core function of an ergonomic lift is raising open bottom pallets and skids to an ergonomically correct work height. The Vestil L-270-DC-HD DC-powered high lift pallet truck, for example, features a powered lift function to raise totes, skids, boxes, and baskets weighing up to 3,000 lbs. to a height of 31 ½”, making it easier for employees to work with and transport the load. Manual high lift pallet trucks, such as the Vestil L-270-HD provide the same basic functionality via manual hand pump lift operation.


Easy Transport

The simple truth is that relying exclusively on a forklift to move materials is not always enough and in some instances can be overkill. With a tote lifter, it is easy for employees to lift and transport loads as needed. The Vestil HIPM-2048-DC, for example, is a manual drive, powered lift truck that makes it simple for a single operator to move loads weighing up to 2,500 lbs. It also gives the operator the ability to raise the load to 31” high to work on the load if needed.


A High lift pallet truck is designed to raise loads to an ergonomic height which aids in reducing worker injury risk. These versatile trucks also serve to transport the load to where it is needed. We call that a win-win. For more information about our High Lift Pallet Trucks or our other material handling products please visit or phone us at 888.990.1150.

High Lift Ski Lifter