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Wrapping Pallets with a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

When it comes to keeping your products moving to their final destination, finding effective and efficient ways of dealing with palletizing goods is critical. The loading, moving, shipping, and unloading of pallets is one of the most important processes in manufacturing and warehousing facilities.  Efficiency gains that a facility manager can make in this area are a plus.


At HOF Equipment, we’re big fans of using a stretch wrap machine to wrap materials on a pallet before shipping. Stretch wrap machines allow you to secure materials to a pallet and protect  them during handling and transport. Semi-automatic stretch wrap machines use a manual or powered mast with a powered carousel to quickly wrap materials on a pallet. Stretch wrappers generally come with a 48”, 50”, 54”, 60”, or 70”diameter turntable with the optimal size being dependent on the length of the pallet to be wrapped. A popular example is the Vestil SWA-50 which features a 48” powered turntable with a detachable film mast. This stretch wrapping machine runs on a variable RPM motor capable of performing at 3 to 12 rotations per minute.



One of the main benefits of a stretch wrapping machine is that a single person can operate it. They’re built so that loaded pallets can easily be depositedon the turn table via a forklift or with a manual pallet truck (ramp required). Afoot pedal controls the carousel rotation while the operator manually movesstretch wrap spool along the mast. Stretch wrap machines with both powered carousels and powered masts are also available.The operator even has control of the film tension, should the need arise to wrap delicate materials. Once the pallet is wrapped, it’s ready for loading and shipping.



It’s all about providing workers with powerful and flexible tools at a reasonable price -- the better the tools, the more efficient your order flow becomes.A Stretch wrap machine is just one necessary element of a busy facility floor. HOF Equipment stocks all the equipment you need to ensure to get the job done right. If you’d like to learn more about stretch wrap machines or our other material handling equipment please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150 with any questions.


Vestil SWA-50 Stretch Wrap Machine