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Control Loading Dock Temperature With A High Quality Dock Seal

Loading and unloading trucks is a big part of operations for almost any type of business. If your facility has a loading dock, there’s a good chance that employees spend a great deal of time loading and unloading materials and goods from trucks. You can make employees more comfortable and decrease your energy costs by investing in a high-quality loading dock seal.


What are loading dock seals?

A dock seal is exactly what it sounds like: a seal for your loading dock that helps keep your loading dock climate in check. It prevents cold or hot air from outside flooding your loading bay and keeps cool or warm air inside your building. By controlling the amount of outside air that passes through your loading dock, you can ensure the dock stays at a reasonable temperature and that you don’t spend thousands of dollars on heating and cooling as your climate control system tries to compensate for a massive hole in the side of your building.


HOF Equipment carries Vestil loading dock seals that fit 8’ x 9’ and 8’ x 8’ loading dock doors. Vestil dock seals feature three-piece construction; the header (top) is 12” high, the uprights (sides) are beveled with a 9.5” width at the wall and a 12” width at the face. They also boast various projections, allowing them to work with a wide variety of loading dock designs. Flush to building docks with edge-o-dock levelers, for example, require dock seals with 20” projections. We recommend adding optional reinforced nylon pleats which cover the external surfaces of the dock seal thereby extending the service life of the seal.


If you’re considering a loading dock seal but aren’t sure which one will fit your dock or how to go about determining the right fit, HOF Equipment Company is your go to source. For more information about our loading dock seals contact our support team at 888.990-1150 with any questions or visit our informative website here


Loading Dock Seal


John Carston

05/09/2016 at 07:49:42 AM

I wasn't sure what was effecting the air temperature change in my building but it looks like a good dock seal would help with that. It may be a few other things in my building are contributing to a cold environment but I think installing a new dock seal would better help moderate the temperature. Thanks for the helpful dock seal post.