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Material Handling Equipment For Sale - Lift Tables, Gantry Cranes, Loading Dock Levelers, Electric Pallet Stackers, & much more!


HOF Equipment Company specializes in material handling equipment, ergonomic equipment, loading dock equipment, pallet trucks, pallet stackers, drum handling equipment, forklift attachments, hoppers, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, packaging equipment, storage solutions, industrial ladders and much more.

Featured Products

Big Joe M22-118 Manual Straddle Stacker
Big Joe M22-118 Straddle Stacker

Manual Drive & Powered Lift, Adjustable Forks/Legs,
2,200 LB Capacity, 118" Lift

Big Joe E30 Electric Pallet Truck
Big Joe E30 Electric Pallet Truck

3,000 LB Capacity, Overall Fork Size 27"W x 45"L

$2,989.00 - $3,718.00
Vestil SL-150-AA Electric Pallet Stacker
Vestil SL-150-AA Electric Pallet Stacker

Manual Drive & Powered Lift, Adjustable Forks/Legs,
2,000 LB Capacity, 150" Lift

$3,175.00 - $3,471.00
Presto PLS48-450
Presto PLS48-450 Lift Stik

DC Powered Lift, 450 LB Capacity,
52" Lift Height, 22" x 23½" Platform

Vestil SE/HP-63 Pallet Stacker
Vestil SE/HP-63 Electric Pallet Stacker

Manual Drive With Hand Pump and Powered Lift,
Fixed Forks/Legs, 2,000 LB Capacity, 63" Lift

$1,537.00 - $1,737.00

From Our Blog

Move Bulk Materials with Ease Using a Portable Hopper

Handling and transporting bulk material can be challenging. If your business regularly faces the tough task of handling small items, waste, chips, and other bulk materials, you’ve probably seen firsthand how difficult it can be. Often it’s the smaller items that are harder to handle.HOF Equipment Company has a deep inventory of steel portable hoppers designed to make handling bulk materials simple.


Transport and Rotate Drums Easily with a Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator

Moving and rotating drums is a difficult and potentially dangerous process that can put stress on workers and slow work flow. In many cases, there’s no easy or safe way to move a drum across a facility floor besides haphazardly placing it on a pallet jack or physically man handling it from one location to the next. If rotating and transporting drums is a necessary part of your work process.


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