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Move Bulk Materials with Ease Using a Portable Hopper

Handling and transporting bulk material can be challenging. If your business regularly faces the tough task of handling small items, waste, chips, and other bulk materials, you’ve probably seen firsthand how difficult it can be. Often it’s the smaller items that are harder to handle. HOF Equipment Company has a deep inventory of steel portable hoppers designed to make handling bulk materials simple.


Why a Portable Hopper?

It’s true that bulk materials can be dumped into a barrel or crate and moved with a forklift. But this process is often less efficient than using equipment designed specifically for the task. One versatile hopper we like is the Vestil hopper. These portable hoppers have two primary modes of transport; you can roll them from one point to another on the included casters, or transport them by forklift using the built-in fork pockets. When transporting the hopper with a forklift, the hopper can be tilted 90° making it simple to empty contents into a larger container or another space.


A wide range of steel hopper sizes are available. For instance, we offer the Vestil P-HOP-0.5 with .5 cubic yard capacity, the Vestil P-HOP-1 with 1 cubic yard capacity, and Vestil P-HOP-1.5 with 1.5 cubic yard capacity. All three of these popular steel hoppers have a maximum weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. The fact that these hoppers offer two methods of transport (i.e. casters or forklift), and three sizes makes it easy to find one to suit your application.


Overall, a steel hopper is an excellent addition to any facility that handles bulk material. They are ideal for ensuring that the material handling process is efficient and safe. If you need assistance deciding which hopper is best for your application, please contact HOF Equipment Company at 888-990-1150 or visit for more information.


Vestil P-HOP Portable Steel Hopper