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How a High Lift Pallet Truck Delivers

The challenges of handling palletized goods efficiently and keeping operations running optimally face many organizations. Reducing worker fatigue while increasing safety is one way to aid in accomplishing this goal. A quality high lift pallet truck is a tool that can help on each of these counts.


Benefits of High Lift Pallet Jack

High lift pallet trucks are a safe and effective way to make your workplace more ergonomically friendly. Lifting loads to an ergonomic work height simply makes tasks easier for workers and also reduces the chance of injury. Decreasing repetitive lifting movements saves worker time and energy and this is exactly what a high lift pallet jack is designed to do.


A Better High Lift Pallet Truck

The Vestil L-270-HD high lift pallet truck allows a single employee to lift open bottom pallets to an ergonomic work height and if needed transport the load from place to place. Designed to reduce the possibility of fatigue and injury, this truck is a sound investment for businesses looking to increase productivity.

The Vestil L-270-HD is capable of lifting skids and open bottom pallets weighing up to 3,000 lbs. This versatile truck features a service range of 3 1/2” to 31 1/2” and two lift speeds depending on the weight of the load. Stabilizers automatically engage when the forks reach a raised height of 21½ inches. Durable poly-on steel wheels make rolling this truck a cinch. The L-270-HD is made of steel and comes standard with a tough blue enamel finish. Manual hand pump and 12 volt battery powered models available. A stainless steel version is available for use in wash down and sanitary environments.

High lift pallet trucks can provide big for businesses looking for greater efficiency. Contact HOF Equipment Company to find out which model will work best for your needs at 888-990-1150 or visit for further information.




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