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Add Versatility To Your Forklift With A Forklift Boom


There is no doubt that the forklift is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your facility. Forklifts make it possible to quickly and efficiently move pretty much anything and without a forklift, simple tasks that currently take just a few minutes would take hours. However, it’s possible to make your forklift even more useful and versatile with the right forklift attachments.

One of our favorite forklift attachments is the forklift boom. Here’s why:



A forklift boom, depending on the model, can generally lift 4,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs. With industrial-grade hooks, sturdy structural-grade steel and welds, and a durable powder coat finish, a forklift boom is a great investment for increasing the ability to get items to where they are needed on your facility floor. Simply put, there are some items that cannot be moved without a boom attachment, and a forklift boom is one of the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient ways to do so.


Several forklift boom variants are available depending on what you need to get done. A telescoping forklift boom allows the operator to customize the boom length. An orbital forklift boom allows the angle of the boom to be changed. A high-rise forklift boom gives plenty of ground clearance for lifting and moving taller objects. With the right forklift boom, there’s no limit to the items you can lift and transport.



Forklift forks are designed handle pallets and not much else. While they can occasionally be deployed to lift flat, heavy objects, sometimes there is no truly safe or easy way to move a particular item with traditional forks. Instead of trying to force the issue and creating a potential safety hazard, consider using a forklift boom as an alternative lifting mechanism. Using the right tools for the job is a core element of ensuring workplace safety.


A forklift boom attachment is a useful forklift accessory that will give you years of solid use and increase the efficiency and safety of your workflow. If you find yourself needing to lift irregular or large objects with a forklift and experience trouble with a traditional fork setup, a forklift boom might be just the tool you need.


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Forklift Boom

Vestil LM-EBT-4-24 Telescoping Forklift Boom



High Rise Telescoping Forklift Boom


Vestil LM-HRT-4-24 High Rise Telescoping Forklift Boom