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Hoppers Facilitate The Storage & Transport Of Bulk Material

Hoppers are designed to collect, store, and transport bulk material including parts, waste, or chips. They can simplify workflow and in many cases make material handling easier and safer for workers. Hoppers are generally made of steel or hard plastic and can be moved either via forklift using built-in fork-pockets or manually by rolling on heavy-duty casters. If your application requires the storage or transport of bulk items, a hopper may be just what is needed.


At HOF Equipment Company, we carry a wide range of Vestil hoppers suitable for practically any need; it’s all about figuring out which type of hopper will work best for your application. Below is an overview of some of the most common hopper types:


Self-Dumping Hoppers

Vestil Self-dumping hoppers are transported by forklift and are designed to dump themselves without physical effort by the operator and without the operator having to leave the seat of the forklift. The dump mechanism can be controlled by a cable that is pulled from the seat of the forklift, or in some cases via an auto-release bumper that dumps the hopper when it contacts a solid surface. Vestil Self-dumping hoppers automatically return to the upright position after dumping their contents. Capacities generally range from 2,000 lbs to 6,000 lbs and sizes range from ¼ cubic yard to 3-1/2 cubic yards.


Low-Profile Hoppers

Vestil Low-profile hoppers vary in design from self-dumping that are transported and dumped by forklift to simple low profile parts hoppers that are pushed around manually on casters. A major benefit is that their low-profile makes them easy to load. Our line of Vestil low profile hoppers feature a specialized design with a 90-degree dump angle for easy dumping. Low-profile hoppers generally range in size from ¼ cubic yard to 1-1/2 cubic yards and can be even larger.


Chute Hoppers

Chute hoppers ideal for areas with limited space. They are taller and narrower than traditional hoppers and many feature a full-height front door that can be opened with a cable release from a distance to ensure safety.


HOF Equipment Co. carries high quality steel hoppers in many shapes, sizes, and feature sets. If you have any questions about which hopper is best for your individual needs, please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150.


Vestil Hopper

     Vestil Self Dumping Hopper With Extensions


Vestil Low Profile Hopper

     Vestil Low Profile Parts Hopper