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Move Heavy Equipment Easily With Machine Skates


Moving heavy equipment around in your workplace can require a great deal of time and effort from your staff. Do you have an affordable, efficient solution for this everyday challenge? With the right machine skate you can meet the challenges in your workplace and move thousands of pounds of machinery easily. Below are some options.


Moving the Heaviest Machinery

Machinery skates can move up to 30,000 pounds of equipment with ease. Your team will prize the smooth operation and maneuverability of Vestil machine skates. The machine’s load weight is transferred smoothly from the bearing plate to rollers reducing axle friction and allowing the skate to move without a great deal of effort.

The entry level VHMS-2 machine skate is capable of moving 2,000 pounds while the VHMS-30 is capable of handling up to 30,000 pounds. Made of annealed ductile iron, Vestil machine skates are designed to be low-maintenance and provide a long service life. These skates are a reasonably priced and durable.


Options and Features

Besides different weight capacities, you can choose from steerable models versus machinery skates that are designed to move in a straight line. Whatever the space layout and needs of your workspace, we have the equipment that will get the job done.


Adjustable machine rollers offer tremendous versatility in the workplace with two skates connected by a slider bar. This feature allows the operator to adjust the length of the skate and control every aspect of machine transport. The Vestil SSKT-6 model features a rubber skate top for even better grip and its nylon rollers are non-marking.


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10/18/2018 at 04:42:28 AM

Utility machine skates are perfect tools to move medium loads. And machine skates are easy to use in areas where using a forklift or crane is not possible